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The Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Challenge Is To Open

Why a closed mind is the kiss of death for your business.

Daniel Faro

The Most Expensive Thing You Can Own Is A Closed Mind — Unknown

A closed mind says no to the moves that are going to provide scary, big transformations.

A closed mind says no to the things they’ve said no to before.

A closed mind continues in their cycle of comfort, never seeing the possibilities that are in store for them if they choose to say yes.

A closed mind walks in large circles locked within a prison of aging thoughts, confused as to why a new answer isn’t coming.

A closed mind is egotistical enough to believe that their biggest blocks are truths rather than beliefs that they’ve let ferment.

When you have a closed mind, you cost yourself the immense opportunity to evolve into a you that’s different from the person you’ve always been.

This is the journey of an entrepreneur — to master the difficulty of opening up. We’re all closed in our own ways, informed by our own versions of imposter syndrome, can’t’s, past trauma, and fears.

Putting a product out there that’s showing off your best work is a form of opening up.

Selling your heart out for Q1 sales without being self-conscious of what will people think is a form of opening up.

Admitting that you can’t do this alone and reaching out for help is a form of opening up.

Letting go of control over how it should be and making the hard decisions, no matter how bad it feels is a form of opening up.

When you have an open mind, you stop letting your own shortcomings pull you down. You open yourself to the possibility that you can master anything in order to evolve, even yourself.

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