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You’re Giving Your Audience Your Brain When They Want Your Heart

How your startup can leverage heart to make more sales.

Do you remember this commercial from this year’s Super Bowl?

It’s really hard to watch without shedding a tear.

Yup, this is a Google commercial folks, and there’s a reason why a tech company rolls out emotional commercials that tug at the heartstrings and not commercials about product features.

You won’t ever see a commercial from Google that lays out the technical specs of Google Earth or a feature breakdown as to why their offerings are superior to a competitor’s.

If you’re a tech company, or any product or service business for that matter, this may seem like a missed opportunity.

Why would a company bypass the opportunity to brag about how great their product or service is? Don’t customers need to know these details?

Great brands go for your heart rather than your brain. This is why —

Customers Lead With Heart

Look at your website right now — is the majority of your home page’s copy about the features of the product/service you provide or does it take a more emotional approach?

Does your home page talk about how your customers will feel or who they want to be as a result of buying your product, or does it talk about the different sizes and colors your product is available in?

When you’re the maker of your product/service, the most important thing you’re thinking about is your creation process because you have such an intimate relationship with it.

When you’re the shopper of a product/service, the first thing you want to know is how you’ll feel and the results you’ll see after you’ve purchased that product.

See the disconnect here?

Makers are thinking about the creation process while shoppers are thinking about the feelings they’ll have from using the final product.

As you can see, makers and shoppers have two different desired introductions to each other.

The businesses that are marketing-savvy humble themselves to this disconnect and cater to shoppers’ desired introduction by serving content that speaks to their hearts, not their brains.

When To Bring In The Brains

Leading with heart is an important introduction to a brand because it helps a shopper understand whether your brand is a fit for them.

Since there’s a spectrum of emotions your shopper may be looking for, hitting the one that your customer wants to see helps them determine whether your brand is right for them.

The emotional intelligence of your brand also gives shoppers perspective on whether you understand their current pain point, and whether they trust you to give them the solution they’re looking for.

As human beings, we’re not interested in developing a friendship or opening our wallets unless we trust the other person first. Trust and emotional connection compose an essential foundation for more opening.

Once your customer has identified that your brand is the right fit for them, this is when you can start talking about the features of your product or service.

This is where you can get super nerdy and start listing out all the features, specs, logistics as to how your product/service works, and other process details.

Once the shopper’s heart is open, their brain is ready to engage. This is the big secret that Google is completely aware of with their commercials — shoppers aren’t ready to engage with their brains until their hearts are convinced first.

Small Business Owner? Take Action

If you’re a small business owner, this advice especially applies to you.

If you’ve got the brain part covered, but your brand is still lacking heart, I invite you to take my free 5 day challenge to revamp your brand for more sales.




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