How to make money on ICO and guess the market trend?

From the previous history We realized that a number of factors, originally laid down in the generally accepted standard scheme, objectively hamper the healthy development of the project and, accordingly, the growth of investors’ incomes.

At the moment, ICO is essentially a speculative project aimed at extracting profits from reselling tokens to others who came to the project a little later.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop mechanisms for monitoring and managing the financing of projects, to identify responsibility centers for spending the project budget and reduce financial risks and protect investors’ funds.

What Divm Group offers:

We propose to develop our project gradually, releasing to the market as many tokens (crypto currency) as invested in real activity. Thus, we minimize inflationary risk, and also heat demand, demonstrating the fulfillment of key tasks according to the plan.
Thus, it is obvious that the price of tokens will correlate with the growth of the company and even in most cases outstrip, t. a positive attitude will be set in the very beginning!