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In March, we’ll be talking about the business reasons for Lighting Web Component adoption, how get more apps and flexibility into a single Salesforce org, building architectural diagrams like a pro, collaborating with our #AwesomeAdmin friends on content about careers AND integration, and more. There’s lots ahead in March, and we’ll be updating this post as resources go live.

Let’s take a quick look at some of what you can expect.

On the blog:

  • What Architects Need to Know About Aura vs Lightning Web Components: Lead Developer Advocate Alba Rivas takes a look at impacts of choosing to migrate from Aura to Lightning Web Components. From changes in toolchains to simpler developer on-boarding and ways to get distributed teams on the same page faster, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of the tech and ways to build a business case for migration.
  • Correspondences: From Admin to Architect: For the latest installment in this series, Customer Success Architect Marie van Roekel joins Salesforce consultant/Admin/Golden Hoodie recipient Paul Ginsberg to talk about what’s behind titles like ‘Admin’ or ‘Architect,’ trends they’re seeing in the ecosystem about these roles, and their own career journeys.
  • We’ll also have a piece from Salesforce Program Architect Denis Krizanovic, walking through a way to shift your mindset around building, shipping and maintaining a multitude of apps within a single Salesforce instance — and how you can empower multiple stakeholders and teams to move fast and not break (anyone else’s) things.

Of course, these aren’t the only posts ahead in March. Other posts will look at topics like: how to approach Einstein Discovery projects, considerations for dependency management with Unlocked Packaging, and more.

On the Architect Digital Home:

  • New! Integration Resources We’ll be launching new resources this month, focused on one of the most-requested topics: integration. We’ll be sharing all the news on the blog, so stay tuned.

Other highlights:

  • Solution Architect office hours: Following the release of the B2C Solution Architect Credential, the Architect Success team is running weekly Office Hours every Wednesday at 10am EST (AMER/EMEA) and 6pm EST (APAC). Join in to connect, socialize, ask your use-case and integration questions, have fun, and get inspired!
  • How to Build Architectural Diagrams (Trailhead Live): Join Marc Braga, Principal Architect Evangelist, to learn how to create the right architectural artifact for the right use case. We’ll walk through the diagrams architects use most, plus share resources and tools to make building your architectural diagrams faster and simpler.
  • Sender Authentication Packages in Marketing Cloud (Trailhead Live) : Add this session to your calendar, and tune in for a discussion of how Sender Authentication Packages can be used to improve the likelihood of your communications reaching their intended recipients to protect your brand and reduce spam complaints that can damage your reputation.
  • Salesforce Admins Podcast: Zayne Turner — Sr. Director Architect Relations, and LeeAnne Rimel — Architect, Admin Evangelism, will join Principal Admin Evangelist (and Salesforce Admins podcast host) Gillian Bruce to talk about integration. We’ll look at common ways of thinking about integration approaches, driving business value, and doing the right thing for the people using your apps — regardless of title!
  • Admin Best Practices: Get Started with Salesforce Integration (Trailhead Live): Add this session to your calendar (or share with your team mates!) for an Admin’s POV on what integration is, why customers use integration tools, and how to get started with integration.

What you can do now:

Catch up on some highlights from February, like Salesforce Industries and OmniStudio for Architects, How to Implement the Principle of Least Privilege in Salesforce, or our series on Caching in Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Part 1, Part 2).

We exist to empower, inspire and connect the best folks around: Salesforce Architects.

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