Approval process

An approval process automates how Salesforce records are approved in your org. In an approval process, you specify The steps necessary for a record to be approved and who approves it at each step.

  • The steps necessary for a record to be approved and who approves it at each step. For example, when an employee creates a time-off request, have Salesforce automatically sends an approval request to the employee’s manager.
  • The actions to take based on what happens during the approval process. For example, if a time-off request is approved, update fields on the employee’s record. But if the request is rejected, send a notification to the employee.

To create an approval process we have six Option

  1. Process Definition Detail.
  2. Initial Submission Actions
  3. Approval Steps
  4. Final Approval Actions
  5. Final Rejection Actions
  6. Recall Actions

Process Definition Detail

We add the basic details about the approval process like the name, description and others.

We Specify Entry Criteria. If only certain types of records should enter this approval process, enter that criterion. For example, only expense reports from employees at headquarters should use this approval process.

Initial Submission Actions

Initial submission actions take place when a record is initially submitted for approval. For example, an initial submission action can change a record’s status to “Pending” or send a notification email. for example: if you want to notify the creator via email then this will help.

Approval Steps

Approval steps define to whom an approval request is routed, as well as any actions that should be performed upon approval or rejection.
In the Approval steps, we add the manager who will be responsible for the action. Approval process we can send an email, create a task, update the field.

Approval Action

  1. Approval Actions
  2. Rejection Actions

Approval action allows you to perform the task after the record is approved or rejected. Here also we have the same action, send an email, create tasks, field updates.

Note: Do not give the modify all permission on the object in which you configure the approval process otherwise submitter will be able to approve the record.

Final Approval Actions

Final approval actions take place after a record has received all necessary approvals. For example, a final approval action can change a record’s status to “Approved” or send a notification email.

Final Rejection Actions

Final rejection actions take place when a record has been completely rejected from the approval process. For example, a final rejection action can change a record’s status to “Rejected,” send a notification email or unlock the record.


I want to do some changes on my approval can we do that ?

No, we can not do any changes once we sent the record for approval.

There is a way where we can recall the approval process.
Check the Allow submitters to recall approval requests

After recall how to resubmit the approval after recall the process ?

It is straightforward, just resubmit for approval.

What if the approver is on leave then how my leave will get approved?

We have an option called Delegated Approver in the user list. The delegate is the person listed in the “Delegated Approver” field on the assigned approver’s user record.

This is not enough once you enable the Delegated Approver from the user profile we also have to enable it from the approval process.

Is it possible to make a multi-level approval process ?

Yes, it is possible with the help of the Multiple approval steps. we just have to select the go to next steps.

Can the approval process managed by a Team ?

Here we can have two option either all the member has to approve the record or any of of the team member cam approve the record.

  2. Approve or reject based on the FIRST response.

Can we automate the submit for approval steps?

Yes with the help of process builder we can do that.



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