Fun, Fashion, and a Fireside Chat at #CNX15

By Holly Rushton

A monumental moment in the history of Connections mainstage just happened. Emmy award winner Seth Meyers hosted an intimate fireside chat — in the middle of the afternoon, as the two joked — with fashion designer, author, and icon Diane von Furstenberg.

With two of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, you can expect a healthy dose of inspiration. Check out these pearls of wisdom for marketers:

Make the best of difficult times.

“Your worst moments are your best souvenirs (as long as they don’t last).”

Success and challenges come at different times for everyone and every brand. DVF hit it big at the age of 22. Seth Meyers claims “my 20s did not measure up.” And when you do succeed, you remember your lowest moments as being humorous.

Every campaign, every ad, every email should always aim to foster the relationship between your brand and your customers. But sometimes, marketers can miss the…mark. With technology moving at such a rapid pace, and new platforms popping up every day, sometimes taking a risk with a new idea doesn’t pan out. What’s most important is to learn from those “souvenirs” and keep innovating.

Be timeless — not just timely.

“This moment now is about legacy.”

Seth and DVF talked at length about how, at first, she aimed to achieve the American dream. Then when she relaunched herself and her brand in the last 90s, it was to prove “I was no longer a has-been. I was a pioneer.” And now these days, it’s about creating a legacy.

Marketers are increasingly focusing their strategies and efforts to create relevant, timely interactions with customers. But while you’re in the moment, don’t forget to look past it. After all, you want to help your brand be timeless, not just timely.

Use your voice.

“With success comes a voice.”

DVF and Seth closed out the chat with this powerful thought: “With success […] comes a voice. It is a duty and a privilege to be a voice for those who have no voice.”

Ok…maybe this isn’t a point just for marketers, but it’s an important one. Use your voice and give back. Empower those around you, both professional and personally, and remember: You can be a turning point on someone else’s journey.

There’s still another day of #CNX15! If you can’t join us in New York, be sure to check out the livestream.