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Jina Anne
Jina Anne
May 27, 2015 · 2 min read

Work with Salesforce UX!

We are looking for creative, curious, and inspired people to join our team. Take a look at our four exciting roles. If one of them sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! If you have questions about any of these roles, feel free to tweet us at @SalesforceUX!

Creative Director

Be the arbiter and keeper of our product brand: maintain a creative vision for our overall design language, push the UX team to higher levels of design excellence, and collaborate with cross-disciplinary teams to bring your vision to life. Learn more and apply for this role ‣

UX Director, Communities Cloud

Communities Cloud is our social collaboration platform. In this role, you will be setting the design direction, leading the UX team, and ensuring best-in-class collaboration and high-quality deliverables. Learn more and apply for this role ‣

Senior Product Designer, Communities Cloud

If you are passionate about people and tirelessly advocate for the end user, then we want you to join our cross-functional and highly collaborative team of designers, researchers, and engineers. Help design our social collaboration platform. Learn more and apply for this role ‣

Senior User Researcher

Your curiosity is insatiable. You like to extract meaningful results out of rich data-sets. You love to talk to the people who use our products to distill complex problems and propose simple, elegant solutions. You never stop learning and helping teams learn. Learn more and apply for this role ‣

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