Top Sales Conferences and Events You Can’t Miss in 2019

The best sales conferences enrich your team, build knowledge, and offer plenty of networking opportunities (and fun)! Bad sales conferences just feel like a huge waste of time away from you prospects. To save you from that horrible fate, we put together our top 10 list of sales events in 2019 that we’re most excited about, in chronological order.

Go ahead and add these to your calendar now. We’ll wait!


February 5–7 | San Francisco Bay Area

Calling aspiring unicorns! SaaStr Annual is the SaaS event that you shouldn’t miss. It’s the largest non-vendor SaaS conference attended by SaaS executives, founders and VCs. It’s a three-day event with more than two hundred sessions. At the SaaStr Annual, you’ll get expert advice from the legendary SaaS leaders of Slack, Intercom, Hubspot, Box, Zoom, Google Cloud, Atlassian and more. Scale is the name of the game at Saastr Annual. Expect to leave with actionable advice and learnings to help grow your business.

What they’re saying:

“I was super impressed by @saastr this year. It was a great group of attendees and had a high calibre of content. Was fun to share some of my lessons learned building @Cloudflare on stage.” — Michelle Zatlyn, Co-Founder, COO of Cloudflare


March 10–12 | San Diego, CA

Unleash is the ultimate Sales Engagement conference. The only conference we know of set on a private island, Unleash’s unique setting is matched by its diverse speaker group you won’t find anywhere else. Past speakers include hostage negotiator Chris Voss and TED Talks speaker and graffiti artist Erik Wahl. Hosted by Outreach, this conference is attend by both Outreach users and non-customers alike. It’s perfect for members of any sales organization looking for secrets to unlocking efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. This year’s theme is “3 Steps to Invincible.” Intriguing!

What they’re saying:

“Unleash ’19 has been the most amazing experience. Even as a prospect, I found extreme value by being surrounded by so many peers just like me, encountering the same bottlenecks. I definitely walked away from Unleash with such clarity and insight on how to immediately implement change here at Verizon Digital Media Services.” — Kareem Ghanie, Verizon Digital Media Services


March 11–13 | Atlanta, GA

Held at the Atlanta convention center, Rainmaker is a conference focused on sales engagement for sales leaders. Rainmaker is a three day, exclusive event featuring speakers like Joe Gaspard, Director of Revenue Operations at Yext and Carolyn Betts Fleming, Founder and CEO of Betts Recruiting. It’s a great opportunity to learn from the best thought leaders in the industry and foster relationships that will help your business thrive for years to come.

What they are saying:

“Very enlightening for not just tangible process oriented subjects, but the intangible human element that is of the utmost importance to be a successful salesperson.” — Rainmaker 2018 Attendee

AA-ISP Leadership Summit

April 16–18 | Chicago, IL

Attended by around 1000+ Inside Sales leaders, LS2019 will focus on prioritizing organization mission and personal leadership development. This event is in its 11th year (impressive!) and takes place in Chicago. They have insightful sessions that provide both a wide-angle look and in-depth tactical solutions for the top challenges facing sales teams. One highlight of this event is a black-tie awards gala, so bring your fancy pants.

What they’re saying: What a great week it’s been at the Leadership Summit! Thank you @AA_ISP for a great event. We are leaving with new friends, new knowledge and new ideas.” — Team Microsoft

TOPO Sales Summit

Apr 17–18 | San Francisco, CA

Cited to be the best sales enablement conference, TOPO Summit lives up to the tag by giving you an inside view into the specific best practices that companies like Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Twilio use to achieve scalable revenue growth. 2018’s session did a deep dive into account-based marketing. The sessions, workshops and everything about the event is designed to put you on the top of the revenue game. If dollars and numbers constitute the major part of your job, then this one is for you. And you don’t want to miss out on their afterparty — Summit Bash.

What they’re saying:

“One of the most exciting things at #toposummit was hearing marketers talk about implementing Fit + Intent + Engagement for data-driven #ABM” — Peter K Herbert, CMO at FullStory


Apr 23–26 | Atlanta, GA

Outbound is the only conference that focuses exclusively on the sales process, prospecting, pipeline, and productivity. The conference was initiated with the goal to bring back more attention and focus to Outbound prospecting (and rightly so!). It features some of the most sought-after sales leaders, authors and trainers as speakers. The most notable names include James Muir, Larry Levine, Andrea Waltz, Shari Levitin and Waldo Waldman. Hunters welcome!

What they’re saying:

“#Outbound2018 was an amazing experience and I highly recommend for anyone serious about being the best you can be” — Michael Wise @wizermn

SiriusDecisions Sales Leadership Exchange

May 5–8 | Austin, TX

Attended by 3000+ people, SiriusDecisions is a B2B sales event that focuses on new growth strategies. The DNA of the event is “listen to the customer and create experiences that matter”. The summit is famous for modeling their entire conference around a single theme. This year’s theme “Building the Playbook of Intelligent Growth” was cinematic — literally! The sessions began with a movie clip, keynote speakers spoke about their favorite movies and so on. Needless to say, we are curious to see how the 2019 version of the summit will play out.

What they’re saying:

“I love how the content practice and frameworks at SiriusDecisions are rapidly maturing” — Gavin Drake, VP Marketing, Quark Software


May 20–23 | San Francisco, CA

You shouldn’t miss Pulse if you work in any customer-facing role. This annual conference brings together all customer success professionals to learn cutting-edge strategies. It provides you with the best possible opportunity to network with customer-focused professionals, hear the latest thought leadership from industry luminaries and a legendary after-party. The recent pulse APAC led the way for the industry by having an all-female panel. So you can be sure they have something promising for the upcoming year.

What they’re saying:

“Thank you @GainsightHQ for a fantastic #Pulse2018 conference. From Ferris wheel to fortune cookies, the Wootric team had a blast. The best part was talking with the fired-up CS community about winning customers for life!” — Team Wootric


September 2019 | Boston, MA & San Francisco, CA

Call Hypergrowth a one-day self-improvement class and you wouldn’t be wrong. If you are looking for motivation and learning success secrets from experts then this one is for you. It brings the best of minds together from all possible industries. You’ll meet and learn from business leaders, authors, athletes, artists, inspirational speakers, youtube stars and more. The best part is all the sessions happen on a single center stage so you won’t miss out on anything. The quality of the crowd is amazing and it provides you with some of the best networking options possible in a day. And they end the day with happy hours, so gear up.

What they’re saying:

“Enjoyed every minute of my 24 hours in San Francisco for #HYPERGROWTH18” — Jill Rowley


September 3–6 | Boston, MA

Inbound hosted by Hubspot is like Disneyland for tens of thousands of sales professionals, marketers, and customer success pros who gather together for the event. The content is kickass and the speaker’s list never fails to ‘wow’ year after year. If anything it has gotten better. Michelle Obama, Issa Rae, Gary Vaynerchuk and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie are just a few of the endless A-list names that grace the stage at Inbound. And most importantly, Inbound is famous for non-stop fun, in addition to their well-curated educational sessions.

What they’re saying:

“This was by far the most fun, entertaining, educational and inspirational event I have ever been to. From the keynotes, to diverse session tracks, to the food trucks, parties and overall culture.” — Justin Guido, Sr. Director of Business Development

LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert

September 25–27 | Boston, MA

LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert is the lead industry’s roll-up-your-sleeves conference dedicated entirely to Calls, Clicks, Search and Shares. This is the place to be if you want to learn anything and everything about lead generation and sales development. The content is exclusive and industry-specific, which means learnings and takeaways are aplenty. They have some of the best workshops and training sessions. The startup innovation spotlight offers emerging startups a shot at fame. You are sure to go home with more ideas than what you started the conference with.

What they’re saying:

“I’ve attended a lot of conferences in a lot of different industries and I haven’t seen one that comes close to being as productive as LeadsCon. They have great sessions and the people at these conferences actually want to do business with others.” — National Sales Executive, LeadCloud


November 19–22 | San Francisco, CA

Dreamforce is the keystone sales conference that is closely followed by the sales industry (competitors and non-competitors alike!). You are sure to take back loads of learnings to learn to step up your sales game big time. Salesforce partners sessions, trailblazers quest and dreampitch are sure shot attention grabbers. The core theme of the conference is about how technology shapes the future of selling but it doesn’t stop there. They have sessions that cover causes like climate change and wildlife welfare. Climbing walls and waterfalls, attending the Metallica concert, selfies with characters and extremely educative sessions are the order of the day at Dreamforce.

What they’re saying:

“Dreamforce is equal parts learning, networking, getting inspired and a whole lot of fun!” — Zac Otero, Analytics Admin, Advisors Asset Management, Inc.

Originally published at Sales Hacker.