Map My Customers Update: Heat Maps & Circle Maps

We have a couple of exciting updates to share with you this week that we believe will help you visualize your customers and leads even better than before.

Visualize The Density Of Your Leads Or Customers

Web & iOS

On web and on iOS now you can view heat map visualizations of your entire customer base. Just tap the tiny flame icon in the top right of any map page on the web or bottom left on iOS.

Find Out Where Your Biggest Sales Opportunities Are Located

Web, Android & iOS

On web, now you can get a better look at how your leads are distributed both spatially and quantitatively. Click the leads page to see a circle map of where your leads are, coded by both size of each deal and the color of the lead stage.

On the check-ins and reminders pages via the web, you can also view circle maps sized appropriately by the number of visits to each location on the map.