Quick Guide: Map My Customers For Sales Territories

One of the biggest additions to Map My Customers recently is the ability to create territories for your customers (available for use today on the website). Territories are great if you need to mark out one of your reps’ sales areas, share just those pins with him or her, or if you just need to automatically group pins. In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know to get up and running with our territories system.

A few things to know about territories up-front:

  • Each territory you create automatically populates with pins inside that polygon.
  • If you import new customers via the site, any new pins that fall inside of the bounds of your territories will automatically populate into their respective territories.
  • Each territory is backed by a group with the same name, which means that you can share territories with team members.

Creating a new sales territory

To create a new territory, just visit the territory page by going to ‘Mapping’ > ‘Territories’ on the website. Once on this page, click on the blue ‘Add Territory’ button. Once you do this, you’ll be prompted to submit a territory name and select how you want to create your territory. You have two options. You can create your territory by drawing the shape of the territory on the map or by submitting a list of zip codes.

Note: submitting a list of zip codes will not actually create a shape for those territories on the map. We are actively working on providing this particular feature and will be available for you soon (update March 2017).

Let’s choose to draw the territory. When you do this, you will be prompted with instructions. To get started, start clicking on the map on the area where you want to start your territory. This will drop a red pin on the map. You can then continue to drop red pins on the map to create the shape of the territory you want to draw. You do not need to ‘close’ out the shape. It will automatically close between the first pin and last pin dropped. Click on ‘Save Territory’ when done.

Once you save your territory, the map will refresh and show you the brand new territory!

Want to change what your territory looks like? Simply scroll down. Once you do this, you’ll see the whole list of all of your territories and have multiple options to edit them. You can change the name, re-shape the territory, change the color and opacity, or delete the territory.

You can toggle on/off the ‘Outside Pins Hidden’ or ‘Polygons Shown’ buttons to filter what you want to see on the map at that moment.

Questions? Reach out to us at support@mapmycustomers.me