Salespresso — Places to research a prospect before a Sales call, Sales lessons from Dating, Converting leads into clients using lead nurturing and more in this week’s sales roundup

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Places to research prospects before sales call

Lack of knowledge about the prospect before making the cold sales call is the reason why many salespeople fail. This not only annoys the customer but also results in early hung up. It is always good to do basic research on prospects before starting a conversation to get a positive response. The more you can personalize the conversation, the greater the chance to capture their interest says Emma Brudner of Hubspot. In her article “18 Places to Research a Prospect before a Sales call”, she gives a list of places to research a prospect before getting into a call.

Sales lessons from Dating

Successful sales leaders have stepped away from traditional selling towards Relationship selling. Relationship selling is a sales approach focused on building relationships. This has a greater impact because people today buy only from people they trust. And the best way to build a trust is by establishing a strong relationship says Noelle Ruiz of Marketo. In this article “5 lessons sales can learn from dating”, she shares few lessons to learn from dating in building relationships for successful selling.

Everything about Inside Sales

Sales methodologies keep changing and especially inside sales are trending faster than the fidget spinners. The time honored approach is gradually morphing in response to demographics or customer expectations says Rick Pizzoli of Hubspot. In his article “The 4 things every executive must understand about Inside sales” he gives tips to the sales team to understand and respond to the changes.

Convert leads into clients using lead nurturing

Lead nurturing looks easy to talk about, but it is really complicated and nuanced concept. But when done correctly helps convert potential leads into clients. This blog “How to turn Leads into clients with lead nurturing” published in Leadsift, gives an insight on how lead nurturing works and shows a way to master the art of Lead nurturing to convert more leads.

Facebook ads spy tools for Higher Sales

Social media sites have facilitated the ease of branding for many companies. In recent years social media marketing has gained much attraction as it helps to promote the product in no time. But creating ads on social media is really a pain. And also when it comes to competition, the first and foremost thing a business wants to do is to spy on the competitor’s strategy says Benhaidaaziz. In his article “11 Amazing Facebook ads spy tool for Higher sales”, he gives the list of tools which helps to spy and master competitors strategy for higher performance.

Ways to respond to the objection ‘I want to think it over’

After investing significant amount of time, effort and money on an opportunity and then the buyer says they want to ‘think it over’, what do we do? Mostly we end up agreeing to postpone the decision and check in later. But often result in evasion of the prospect says Antonio Garido of Sandler training. In his article “5 ways to respond to the objection ‘I want to think it over’, he shares different ways to respond to this objection by asking various questions and proposing a mutual beneficial agreement.

How to close a deal when the prospect has better offer?

When it comes to negotiation, as a Salesperson we often end up giving more discounts since our objective is to close more deals. But why is the prospect still sticking around and negotiating if he has a better deal? You’ve got something better out there which is superior. There is no path to victory in price wars, you need to close a deal based on value not price says Steli Efti of In his article “How to close a deal when the prospect has better offer from a Competitor”, he shares how to respond and close a deal when the prospect has better offer.

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