Salespresso — Tips to double your Sales, Practices to Increase the Closing percentage, Boosting revenue using Sales Psychology and more in this week’s sales roundup

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Increase your Closing percentage

Anyone in Sales knows the importance of closing a valuable lead. Closing requires certain practices which can be developed by studying what actually works instead of guessing games says Matt Sunshine of The Centre of Sales strategy. In his article 4 Things to do If you want to increase your closing percentage he suggests few best practices that will help you increase your closing percentages.

Tips to double the Sales in one year

Every sales person dreams of good or at least above average sales results. But hardly we are able to be the top performer and end up with an average performance. If you want to change your results, then you absolutely need to change your behavior says Kyle Gutzler in Hubspot sales blog. In his article How I Doubled my Sales in a year he shares some of valuable tips that will create the momentum to surge forward to double your sales performance.

Identify and Target your Ideal customer

Building an outbound sales strategy can be a tough task to accomplish for businesses of any size. Targeting people randomly often fails to show results. So it is important to identify the approach that will help you find your niche target industry says Max Altschuler of Sales Hacker. In his article How to identify your Ideal customer profile(And then target them) he discusses various methods to identify and target the ideal customer.

Automate Sales prospecting and get more leads in less time

It takes a real lot of time to find and contact target customers who are relevant for your product/offering. Zeb Hermann of Segment says that the ratio of time taken to find appropriate leads to that of reaching out to them by SDR’s is always more. In his article Can Sales prospecting be automated? 3 Steps to getting more leads in less time he reveals strategies to automate the prospecting process in order to reduce the time taken to get more leads.

Boost your revenue using Sales Psychology

For any Salesperson to be successful, he should learn the art of human behavior and psychology in order to increase the conversion rates. Presenting the offer in the most appealing way for the customer requires extra effort but it can be achieved using basic psychological principles says Giedrė Šulčinskaitės of MaxTraffic. In her article 7 Tricks to boost your revenue using Sales psychology she shares some useful tips to increase the revenue by using principles of Sales psychology.

Guidelines to Improve B2B lead generation

Profit is directly proportional to Sales which in turn is directly proportional to number of quality leads generated. So for any business to be successful, there should be a proper lead generation process that feeds the sales team with constant warm leads says Martin Tolovski of Bizzbee solutions. In his article 8 Useful guidelines to improve B2B Lead generation he shares certain important guidelines to be followed to have an improved lead generation process.

Streamline your selling process with a Sales Pipeline

A sales pipeline is a step by step overview of sales process from initial contact to closing a deal. It helps to keep track on sales reps performance as well as helps to predict future revenue. Emily Bauer of PropellerCRM in her article What is sales pipeline and how can it streamline your selling processgives an insight on how to define your pipeline stages and tips to improve the sales pipeline for streamlining the selling process.

Sales benefits from Account based marketing

Account based approach cannot be ignored as just another fad in marketing as it seriously has a lot of value to offer especially for sales when you look behind the curtains says Leslie Barret of Engagio. In her article 5 Ways sales benefits from Account based marketingshe discusses various ways to use account based approach to benefit sales.

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