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Here are our recommendations for this week.

  1. What is your opinion on using AI in your sales process right now? Steli Efti of, says that as of today most AI-powered software offers lots of ‘A’ but very little ‘I’. In his article “7 reasons why you’re better than a sales bot”, he lists out reasons why sales need more sales people and not artificial intelligence in today’s world of sales.
  2. Developing a more granular sales process is critical for the success of your sales team. Without a proper process your sales would be a disaster with deals falling apart, customers getting churned and targets getting missed. Derek Draper of Pattern, in his exclusive interview “This Sales Plan Moves the Needle on Every Success Metric” shares details on how to up level your sales process that can have a significant impact on key sales metrics.
  3. Account-Based Marketing is the new buzz word in the world of sales and everyone is trying adopt this methodology. But if you adopt a new sales methodology without simultaneously adopting new sales metrics, you’ll have a much harder time tracking progress, says Brandon Redlinger of PersistIQ. In his article, “The Top 7 Account-Based Marketing Metrics for Tracking Success” he lists KPIs and leading and lagging indicators that companies need to update to track the success.
  4. Every business must a have well-defined sales process and a clear understanding of the opportunities in its sales funnel. But this is not a mere ‘one and done’ action and sales executives need to regularly revisit and review the sales process; says Hazel Butter, a sales coach and a speaker. In her article “How To Audit Your Sales Process: 4 Actionable Steps For Business Growth”, she reveals the four cornerstones that you need to regularly review and update in your sales process.
  5. Apart from having having a pipeline that is constantly full of high quality leads, you should also have the right reps in place to take advantage of those opportunities, else you’re most likely losing out on many great deals. So hiring the right sales reps is crucial. But the most critical thing is that you need to aware of how reps are ramping up to full productivity. Lisa Zheng of Animalz explains how to calculate your sales ramp rate in her article “Ramp Rate: The Key To A Successful Sales Team”
  6. In a saturated market, your business is constantly competing to distinguish itself from other companies. It is especially difficult when these businesses offer the same promotions to similar audiences, says Shayla Price. Her article “5 Data-Driven Strategies to Earn Sales in a Saturated Market” published in the kissmetrics blog reveals strategies to generate more sales and optimize growth.
  7. Whether you’re writing a cold email or following up, email subject lines play a crucial part in making the right impression and getting your message read. A good subject line should be specific, suggest a benefit to the recipient, and should be contextually appropriate for the business relationship says James Meincke of CloserIQ. His article “8 Overused Email Subject Lines and What to Use Instead” lists the subject lines that you will need to avoid using in your cold emails.

Our article for this week:

You may be building the most innovative product since sliced bread and you may be writing cold emails like Don Draper. But none of these matter if you reach your prospect at a time when they have no need for what your offer. This article “10 Trigger Events that will double the response rates of your cold emails” by Klenty list various triggers and how you can use them in your cold email outreach.

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