How Technographics Became The Game Changer In The SaaS World

Danche Azmanova
Aug 14, 2019 · 2 min read

Welcome to the world of technographics!

Technographics are information from websites such as CRM, languages, page speed, latest traffic updates.

We use technographics and dynamic content that result in increasing the click-through rate by more than 180%. Moreover, we combine technographics and ICP to allow identification of pain points for more granular targeting.

Read further to discover how we do it.

The first step to finding your target audience is finding your Ideal Customer Profile ) which is usually defined by geography, a job title or a specific industry.

  • Where is your customer located (Continent, Country, Postcode, Radius)
  • Industry: Which industry is your ICP in (NACE, keywords, etc.)
  • Size of the business: Measured in employees or revenue
  • Job Title: A specific job title that you are after

Next, we do research via LinkedIn or some B2B databases to find companies or contacts that match the selected patterns.

You are a Digital Marketing Company with a focus on WordPress websites. You are targeting small businesses between 10 and 50 employees, located in a 50 km radius of where your business is located (in case of onsite meetings), located in the B2B space and ideally a person in the marketing communication sector.

Using technographics we can now look for companies with:

Your ICP profile looks like this:

  • Countrywide coverage (eg. Netherlands)
  • All companies between 10 and 50 employees
  • Sales / Customer Success Manager / Product Manager
  • All commercial business (no non-profit or educational)

With this setup our client was able to create two kinds of campaigns:

  1. Companies not using a heatmap tracking software
  2. Companies already using a heatmap software

How we at Sales.Rocks skyrocketed email click-through rate by 180%

The business proposition of Sales.Rocks is providing marketing & sales insights and contact data for B2B data. Most of the data gets loaded into a CRM or Marketing Automation systems.

In our selection we can do the following steps:

  1. Target Region South and North Holland
  2. Target Contact Marketing / Salespeople or Leadership team
  3. Users of Marketing Automation or CRM platforms
  4. 20–50 employees
  5. In the B2B space
  6. Spend 250 Euro or more on tech

Technographics helps us find companies in our target region — South and North Holland

As a SaaS company, using technographics helps us find companies that are in the correct ICP, but also use CRM that we provide integrations for Hubspot and Zoho CRM.

Originally published at on August 14, 2019.

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