Danche Azmanova
Jun 7 · 3 min read

3 Ways to Identify Leads That are Ready to Buy

The business problem isn’t generating the leads. It is generating sales opportunities and people that have entered into your sales cycle committed to working with you. In a rush of achieving revenue and expanding as a business, we often forget that it is not all about generating leads. Instead, it is first about finding high quality sales leads . Quality over quantity, remember? Your marketing team can generate you many leads, but if the sales team doesn’t find them suitable for converting, there will be no revenue at the end of the day, right?

This means that…

You need a different strategy!

So…. How do you find high quality sales leads ?

build a better-qualified lead?

Shift your focus from the top of the funnel to the mid-funnel.

Here are 3 dimensions that data-driven marketers can use to identify leads that are ready to create sales opportunities:

  1. Fit
  2. Intent
  3. Qualification

Dimension #1: Fit — Leads Matching Your Ideal Customer Profile

Your Ideal Customer Profile can precisely define what kind of data you need to qualify leads. So, in order to determine whether your lead matches your ICP, most data-driven marketers use data enrichment tools. This saves them precious time and resources by filling in the blanks in their profiles with data points like job titles, employee count, country, industry, and more.

By using data enrichment, your marketing team can segment and prioritize your leads based on data. This will help your sales team to qualify or disqualify leads.

Here’s an example on how we use Sales.Rocks’ B2B database to find high quality sales leads :

Dimension #2: Intent — Request Signal

Signals, like the demo, free trial sign ups or Freemium requests, are a great way for marketers to tell that a lead is showing a buying intent. Moreover, they imply engagement. Try-before-you-buy-it has shown to be one of the most efficient business models that creates sales opportunities.

To maximize the chance of buying, at Sales.Rocks we nurture leads at every stage of their buyer’s journey, highlighting the value of our product. We created Lead nurturing campaigns where we send them relevant educational content as an effective way to keep our company top of mind as an individual progresses from prospect to customer.

Dimension #3: Qualifying Leads According to Their Engagement

When it comes to leads, the important thing is to segment them by distinguishing them based on the three most common forms of Lead generation — MQLs, SQLs & PQLs.

  • MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) — they show intent to be nurtured and give chance to your free product testing
  • SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) — they want to talk to your sales representatives
  • PQLs (Product Qualified Leads) — they are using your product and show intent to purchase it

Every marketer wants to find high quality sales leads . Salespeople need more deals to close. Companies need revenue. But the challenge here is making sure that the leads that are coming to your sales funnel, aren’t just here to waste your valuable time and resources, but that are here to stay!

Originally published at https://blog.sales.rocks on June 7, 2019.

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