Danche Azmanova
Jun 27 · 2 min read

The boom of technology raised many important issues. The protection of users’ data is considered to be a crucial one. The increasing number of internet scams, frauds, and cyber terrorism were the driving force for the creation of GDPR (General Protection Data Regulation).

At Sales.Rocks we see the GDPR compliance as an opportunity to grow our business within the European Union by gathering and distributing data in lawful ways. Our Data Protection Officer (DPO), Vladanka role has a crucial part in it.

She has been a part of our team for half a year now . As a DPO, Vladanka is training the employees that are involved in data processing, conducting audits, interfacing with data subjects and providing advice on data protection impacts. Also, she is serving as a point of contact between Sales.Rocks and the GDPR Supervisory Authority.

Vladanka, when you started working for Sales.Rocks, the platform was still in the testing phase. Can you share your first steps on making the Sales.Rocks platform GDPR compliant?

The role of the Data Protection Officer is considered to be a complex, yet crucial job. How does your daily work day look like?

On the other flip of the coin, part of my role as a Data Protection Officer is dealing with all the required legal paperwork for making our company GDPR compliant. This is often a challenge since finding the right template to document all of the processed data isn’t always easy .

What was the biggest challenge regarding data protection that you have faced while working for Sales.Rocks?

The biggest challenge was dealing with complaints from some of the clients. I put all my efforts into proving them that Sales.Rocks is GDPR compliant.

What knowledge and skills are required for a person to become a DPO?

Why should companies become GDPR compliant? What are the consequences if they refuse to respect the General Data Protection Regulation?

In the end, I strongly believe that the future belongs to companies that protect and respect their customer’s rights when it comes to their data. Companies need to take care of their data subjects’ rights and freedoms when it comes to their personal data. If you want to grow your business, you need to have your clients’ complete trust first.

Originally published at https://blog.sales.rocks on June 27, 2019.

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