SalesTing’s AI Mesh for Sales Alignment Technology Wins Top Innovator Award 2017

We’ve built our company on some core tenets and yesterday, we won an innovation award for keeping the promise.

While the radio waves have been inundated with buzzwords like AI and ML, AI is just a means to an end. It’s the motor inside the engine and for most people the goal isn’t to learn how the motor works, but get from point A to B.

Yesterday’s recognition at a star-packed event where other speakers included Innovation gurus from companies like Delta Airlines, Ericsson, First Data, is in recognition of two important tenets.

1 — Our “ai for AI” philosophy.

“ai for AI” stands for “artificial intelligence for Alignment Intelligence”. While we use some sophisticated ML algorithms under the hood, we rarely talk about that (almost no mention on our website). What matters to us is delivering the end goal — data-based alignment of the sales team with sales leadership and marketing.

2 — Data Privacy is a big deal and the more sensitive the data, the bigger the risk and hurdles for companies to use public cloud-based technologies (with or without AI). In recognition of this, we introduced an on-premise version of our enterprise product that is cloud-free, CRM-free and IT-free built on top of a mesh technology that our team developed to extract intelligence from corporate email.

It’s quite remarkable what we’ve accomplished with a small team, and we’re grateful to our clients and the community that believes in us.

Whenever I go on a long road trip with family, when we’re really tired but there’s a long way to go, we get a soft-serve ice-cream from McD’s. Building a startup is hard, and the community’s recognition and support is like a soft-serve ice cream on the journey. Many more miles to go……

If you’d like to learn more about the product, please email us at

Thank you, Wireless Technology Forum for the recognition.