New Korean: Osamil

Located in the bustling area of K-town in New York City, Osamil is a hip and modern Korean gastropub. It is the perfect place to share a plethora of delicious and creative Korean plates and enjoy a variety of flavorful asian-inspired inventive cocktails. Check out some of our favorite dishes below:

CURED SHRIMP: Soy-cured Botani Ebi shrimp for 4 days, capelin roe, Maine Uni, quinoa, rice

This insta-popular dish has got everyone salivating! The richness from the shrimp and the uni, saltiness from the caviar, and the texture from the quinoa and rice make a wonderful pairing.

Sharon Z via Yelp

BEEF TARTAR: Chef’s cut prime beef, Korean pear, quail egg, gochujang remoulade, pine nuts

The spicy beef tartar is a unique mixture with crunch from the pear, creaminess from the quail egg, and silkiness from the raw beef. A must get for diners who love this classic French appetizer and want to test it out with a lovely Asian twist.

Joanna L Via Yelp

PORK SHANK: Crispy & juicy pork shank with perilla-apple salad and spicy radish kimchi

This dish is meant to be shared for two but can be split between three or four! The fatty meat is so tender and luscious with a crisp outer skin. The combination with the fragrance from perilla-apple salad is absolutely divine.

Fina G via Yelp

Osamil’s cocktails are especially tasty and we recommend:

Yuzu Martini with Absolut citron, yuzu, and grand marnier

Fig Passion with Figenza, fresh lemon, and pinot noir


Address: 5 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001, USA

Phone: +1 212–300–4713

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