How To Keep Your Employees… Yours!

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The hospitality industry is notorious for having one of the highest employee turnover rates. In 2015, the turnover rate was 72.1%, which was 26.2% more than the total US private sector. Additionally, January is the month that most people look for new jobs. With the new year around the corner, here are some ways to improve your company culture, retain employees, and increase the overall happiness of your workplace.

Standardized Training Programs

These programs are essential for new hires as well as for the organization in general. This will ensure that every single person on the team understands the company values and upholds the same beliefs. The program should teach them why you are doing what you are doing and the underlying values that motivates the organization to continue with their mission. It will inspire your employees to do the best they can do. These sessions should also enhance the existing team culture, while instituting the idea of building a family.

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Show Them a Future

To prevent employees from looking for better a opportunity, why not show them opportunities that reside within your organization? Be transparent about the advancement path and methods of internal promotion. Make it a habit to promote internally instead of hiring externally to show that you really believe in your employees. Chipotle is a great example of an organization that does this. They hold a “Restaurateur Program” created for internal mobility that allows hourly employees to move up to management positions that offer $100,000 a year. Maintaining a clear goal will drive your employees to strive for a better position in your company instead of being disappointed in stagnation.

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Constant Communication

It is crucial for your employees to understand that management values their feedback and respects their opinion. Our co-founder Casey Cohen, from her past experience from working in hospitality, specifically The Butter Group, recommends organizing “safe space” feedback sessions where everyone can come together to voice their concerns and be heard. Then do your best to implement relevant feedback into your operations. Additionally, team events are perfect for building up team culture and getting to know them on a personal level. This will elevate your company culture and translate into a significant increase in happiness.


Recognize and Incentivize

A simple “thank you” goes a very long way. One way to keep your employees inspired and happy is to recognize their contributions and hard work. Create incentive initiatives that pushes the staff to go above and beyond their call of duty. Incentivize individuals as well as in teams, which will encourage employees to push each other to build success. Whether it is taking responsibility over a complicated situation, or hitting sales goals, or taking initiative — these efforts should never go unnoticed. You can get creative with gifts to get them excited as well, such as a lavish meal for two.

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Make Their Lives Better

Invest in top-tier technology that makes your staff’s lives easier. Hospitality is already a very tough line of work, so save them from clunky and inefficient systems with tedious work flows. Use systems that are made for ease of use with high-level features to support your employees. It will help them do their jobs more effectively, make them happier, and also make their lives better.

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