Where you should’ve been during NYC’s Fashion Week

As fashion week comes to a close, all involved nurse their hangovers and do their best to catch up on sleep. Two of the most incredible aspects of being involved in the NYC hospitality scene is the friends you make in just about every other industry and the ability to experience and discover the newest venues before the general public. Fashion Week is a time of year when those two forces combine. Though I am by no means a model — barely a model citizen, in fact — I did get a chance to spend quite a few evenings out with some excellent people at some new and favorite venues.

The Public Hotel

Downtown Is Even Hipper Ian Schrager’s new Public Hotel, with its many bars and restaurant by Jean-Georges, is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. As one of the toughest spots to “get in,” I was fortunate to experience the hotel’s roof and basement club a few times during Fashion Week — my favorite being the Jeremy Scott after party at the downstairs venue called “Public Arts.” If you’re staying at The Public and want some excellent sushi, I’d recommend heading to the nearby UCHU, a beautifully designed venue with two concepts in one from Sushi on Jones’ owner Derek Feldman. One side is Ichimura, the two Michelin-starred sushi chef who serves up an A+ omakase experience; the other is Bar Uchu, a kaiseki tasting menu with Sam Clonts, a former Chefs Table at Brooklyn Fare alum at the helm. Be sure, at either of the venues, to try a cocktail by Frank Cisnaros who spent ample time living in Tokyo and is currently making some of the best cocktails in New York.

Additionally the new “The Flower Shop” in the Lower East Side — is one of the best ways to close out your evening. They hosted a great after party for Marc Jacobs. The vibe is very much your “grandmother’s basement,” which immediately makes everyone feel at home, almost as if you’re still in high school sneaking your parents booze. The friendly atmosphere welcomes conversation and, eventually, shared shots with new acquaintances.

ABC Kitchen

Fueling Up It’s important to keep your energy up during Fashion Week, between the shows, parties, exhibitions, and the like. Chef Jean George’s ABC Kitchen, seven years into its opening, is still a hub for the fashion elite to enjoy fresh, vegetable-focused food or an excellent spot of tea. ATLA, the all-day eatery from the COSME team, is crushing the lunch game. If “hair of the dog” is what you need to get through the day, go for the mezcal margarita along with some quality guac and chips.

Model/reality star Kendall Jenner at the Harper’s BAZAAR “ICONS” event

Old World Favorite The Plaza Hotel — host venue of this years Harper’s BAZAAR “ICONS” event — is also an often forgotten place to relive old New York. (Kendall — I guess my invite was lost in the mail). Head to the hotels signature bar and try an old Raj Martini . If you only have time for one cocktail — at 110 proof — it’s the only one you’ll need.

Vintage Fun Stalwart venues like the Standard’s Boom Boom room or 1Oak are still a beacon for the fashion elite to celebrate, but if you want to understand more about the NYC underbelly — Lucy’s and Sophies are excellent dive bars to join a supermodel in a game of pool.

Good luck — till February!