My Strength Comes From…

I’m so blessed to be in a career where I can help women with hair loss. It’s harder and harder for women to be accepted by society for having thinning hair. All the magazines show these images of women with full locks. It’s rare for a celebrity to discuss their hair loss openly. Recently Heidi Powell, a personal trainer, has been speaking openly about her hair loss. One of her posts on Facebook received hundreds of comments where so many woman empathized with her and shared their own personal experience of thinning locks. (Check out Heidi’s “Hair Secret” post on her website!) It makes me want to shout louder that there are non-surgical solutions for hair loss for women. Seeing the hundreds of comments from Heidi’s post confirms that there is a need to have more women discuss their experiences with losing hair. I’m so thankful that Salon Juan is here to help you, even if it means just calling the salon and chatting with me. I’ve come so far with myself in accepting my thinning locks and embracing my Androgenetic Alopecia. I’m on our website with my thinning locks and this is the most vulnerable situation that I’ve ever put myself in.

My strength comes from these young women who are so young, under 15 years old who come in the salon with the beginnings of Alopecia Areata. They have the task of daily putting on a wig or showing up to face hundreds of their peers in a school setting and they can do it without feeling sorry for themselves. My strength comes from women who have battled cancer and are survivors. My strength comes from women who have Alopecia Universalis who has lost all their hair in a short span of time.

I’ve met so many women that have such composure and grace in handling their hair loss. They are the daily reminder and who gives me the courage to say, I wear hair.


Originally published at on March 16, 2017.