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Salt Flats

Welcome Trouble

Photo by Landon Parenteau on Unsplash

Someone’s scream broke the silence like tearing fabric. The deer bounded away before I got off my shot, kicking up cold winter soil, and my heart pounded as I looked about the otherwise empty forest. Rifle clutched in my gloved hands, I waited. Listening. The cloud of my breath warped as I whispered, “Make another noise.”

As if she heard me, a weak call for help sounded from the north. Or was it the west? I looked both ways with a…




Salt City Genre Writers is a writing group based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We hold a monthly flash fiction contest for members to be published on our Medium publication. These are the winning stories.

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Aren K. Hatch

Aren K. Hatch

Member of the League of Utah Writers. Fantasy, sci-fi, horror. Love.

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