Need to know

Sometimes our child-like curiosity can turn into a need for knowledge that limits the richness of our lives.

We often forget that even with all his wisdom, wit and spiritual genius, Jesus called his disciples into a life full of faith. Many think of faith as “believing where there is no evidence”, but that is not the traditional understanding. Faith is all sorts of things, but what is obvious is that faith, by definition, implies unknowing. If you think about it, this means that we can only practice our faith in the realms of uncertainty. The opposite of faith is not doubt, but certainty.

And yet, sometimes we can find ourselves simply waiting. Waiting for certainty. Refusing to engage.

Our desire for complete understanding becomes the thing we seek most to make everything okay. We begin dominating our experiences through categorisation, labeling and dismissing those around us harshly. There is no room for any experience that we don’t control.

This kind of thinking limits our life, because it means we deny ourselves the possibility of engaging in anything that we don’t fully grasp. And aaaaallll the best experiences are beyond us: love, sex, community, revelation, the universe…God. It could even stop us from receiving the unconditional love we desperately need, as that kind of love would never make rational sense. There would be no room for it.

Instead, let us be like children: full of curiosity, faith and awe and free of the paralysing need to understand.

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