Firmly Rooted

Father you are firmly rooted,

You are my rock,

You are the everlasting refuge in the chaos of this life,

You, Father, are the calm in my storm,

You, my Lord, are the steady fount of wisdom,

I can run to you, O God!

Lord, I forget to look up,

I see the dry trunk,

The signs are all there,

If I would only look up,

Your eternal, overflowing life would be evident.

You, my God, are firmly rooted,

I can cling to you; YOU ARE MY REFUGE!

The hate, the fear, the uncertainty, the fragility,

It fades away when I am in your arms.

God, make me like you: firmly rooted!

Only with you is this possible.

Only with you can I have true life.

Lord help me to forsake my faulty ways,

And come to rest in you!

Preserve my life, keep my heart!

Immerse me in your love and cure my wandering soul!

Lord, you are firmly rooted,

You are my everlasting rock,

My strong castle, an impenetrable bulwark.

Not of feeble stone, but composed of the strongest force,

Your Eternal Love.

Praise the Lord!

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