Building a Brighter Future for Argentina One Website at a Time

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4 min readMar 1, 2023


The Justicialist Party, also known as the Peronist Party, is an Argentinian political party that was founded in 1947 by Juan Domingo Perón, named after Perón’s social and economic philosophy, which he termed “justicialismo,” — translated to “social justice.”

Since its inception, the Justicialist Party has been a major and very important force in Argentine politics, having governed the country for much of its modern history.

In recent years, however, the Justicialist Party has been facing many challenges, not limited to a struggling economy, corruption scandals, and declining public support.

In response to these issues, the party began taking steps to rebrand itself as a way to communicate a positive Argentine future.

A key element in The Justicialist Party’s rebrand was a new website with the capacity to showcase the party’s modernized image, its history, accomplishments, and vision for the future.

As a result, The Justicialist Party approached SALVé to help them build a new website to support their development.

SALVé started this project by carrying out extensive research into the Justicialist Party, including their history, ideologies, political objectives, and established the requirements the new website would have to meet based on the direction the party were moving towards.

This research helped to inform SALVé’s design process, looking to build a website that was capable of conveying the party’s vision for the future, without losing sight of the rich history of the party.

The resulting website is a stunning and highly engaging platform which pays homage to the rich culture of Argentina, with a color palette to support — shades of blue, green, and yellow are all inspired by the country’s natural beauty and history, and the bold typography adds a modern slant to the party.

The website’s homepage exhibits bold imagery, firstly of a clenched fist, a symbol of commitment towards social justice and political empowerment. The party’s slogan, “We are the People,” supports the bold imagery, reinforcing their commitment towards representation of the interests of the Argentine public.

The history section of the website gives an in-depth overview of the Justicialist Party’s origins and how the party has helped to shape Argentine politics, and this is one of the many ways in which the party’s history has been preserved.

An interactive timeline allows visitors to explore and learn about key events and figures throughout the history of the party, from the rise to power of Juan Domingo Perón in the 1940s, all the way through to the party’s most recent electoral victories.

The most impressive feature of the website (in SALVé’s humble opinion) is the use of multimedia content which includes a range of videos, images, and other elements that assist in bringing the party’s messaging to life.

Working with SALVé allowed The Justicialist Party’s new website to be a highly powerful tool for the party attempting to communicate a brighter future for Argentina, while effectively showcasing the party throughout its history and highlighting their accomplishments.

As with every SALVé designed website, we built a product that is visually stunning and highly functional, offering visitors a seamless experience, utilizing bold imagery, clear messaging, and a user-friendly design.

The Justicialist Party’s new website is set to connect the party with voters far and wide, all while paying tribute to their rich and illustrious history.

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