Launching a Pharma Website: Savant Pharma

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4 min readFeb 28, 2023


The pharmaceutical industry is highly competitive and complex, with stringent regulations and evolving technologies.

Much like all facets of the industry, launching a website requires careful planning and research, in order for the execution to effectively communicate the brand’s message and attract the target audience.

This case focuses on the launch of Savant Pharma’s new website, which SALVé was instrumental in building, along with a team of designers from Quadro Communicación, located in the Argentinian neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Palermo.


The client, Savant Pharma, approached SALVé to develop a website in 30 days, that could showcase their products and services, provide information about their expertise, and establish their brand identity.

Savant Pharma wanted a user-friendly website that would appeal to both healthcare professionals and patients while complying with regulatory guidelines.


SALVé’s primary objective was to create a website that would meet our client’s goals and stand out in a highly competitive market.

We aimed to develop a website that would:

  • Reflect Savant Pharma’s brand identity and values
  • Provide a seamless user experience
  • Be search engine optimized for maximum exposure
  • Be responsive and professional across multiple devices, whether at home or on the go
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Increase website traffic and engagement


SALVé followed a structured approach to develop the website, which can be broken down into six basic steps — research, strategy, design, development, testing, and launch.


SALVé’s research was extensive and thorough, beginning with the pharma industry as a whole. The next step in our research process was to understand the client’s target audience, and their main competitors.

We next analyzed Savant Pharma’s brand values, mission, and vision, and reviewed their existing marketing materials to ensure that the implementation of the new website was in-theme and appropriate to the existing brand image.


Based on the research, SALVé developed a strategy for the website’s design, content, and functionality. We developed a site map and wireframes to plan the site’s structure and layout and we created a content strategy that would best communicate our client’s messages to both the customers and healthcare professionals.


We worked closely with our client and Quadro Communicación to develop a design that aligned with Savant Pharma’s brand identity and values.

We created a custom design that was professional, clean, modern, and visually appealing, with an emphasis on user experience.

The only other elements within the design phase to focus on following this were to ensure that the design and website was optimized for all devices, and make sure the website was compliant with regulatory guidelines.


SALVé developed the website using the latest Webflow technologies which made the integration of the Savant Pharma’s existing product information much easier and faster.

Webflow enabled us to easily create custom functionalities, such as a secure portal for healthcare professionals to access product information and resources, allowing new features to appear on Savant Pharma’s website.


Once the first four steps had been worked through, extensive testing was carried out to ensure the website was functional, secure, and provided a perfect user experience.

SALVé conducted user testing to get feedback on the website’s functionality and adjusted based on the results gathered from the testing.


The website was launched on schedule, 30 days after being approached by Savant Pharma, with all requirements met — from regulatory, functional, and aesthetic points of view.

The only task left for SALVé to do was to provide training to the Savant Pharma’s team on how to manage the site’s content and keep it up to date.


The launch of the website was highly successful, delivering and exceeding Savant Pharma’s goals and objectives.

The website has been well received by healthcare professionals and patients alike, with increased website traffic and improved engagement.

The website’s visibility has also improved, resulting in increased traffic — testament to the SEO SALVé worked on.

SALVé’s approach to developing the client’s website was comprehensive and strategic, resulting in a successful launch.

The website has exceeded the goals set forth by the Savant Pharma and has become an integral tool for their business.

If you feel like your website could use an overhaul, contact SALVé for a free consultation call to find out how we can take your brand to new heights.



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