The Digital Rise of Maserati-Argentina

Lachlan Wellington
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3 min readFeb 12, 2023


Maserati, the iconic Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer established in 1914, is a familiar name in the automotive industry.

However, its Argentine subsidiary, Maserati Argentina, may not be as widely recognized.

To tap into the growing market for luxury cars in Argentina, SALVé partnered with Maserati Argentina to enhance its digital presence in the region.

The Task for SALVé

Maserati needed help to gain a digital presence in the modern era so they could become a dominant online company in the luxury car industry across Argentina and in the South American markets.

Our task was to help Maserati innovate and craft local content, all while keeping the media production within the limits of Maserti’s brand guidelines.

The main objective that SALVé took on was to build an audience from scratch, and show them that Maserati represents its close-knit community.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

To achieve this, we researched the target audience, identified the right channels to reach them, in this case, Instagram, and crafted engaging content that resonated with the audience.

Leveraging Externalities

SALVé helped to make car-spotters best friends with Maserati. This relationship facilitated by SALVé meant a win-win and mutually beneficial situation for both car-spotters and Maserati Argentina.

This relationship also generated a continuous loop of better quality and timely content, valuable insights, and growth on both ends and for all partners.

Beyond Digital

Maserati’s client persona has very distinct features and likes that enabled us to easily locate them and participate in community-related events. This helped in growing an emotional connection between Maserati and its target audience.


Maserati saw a major increase in their followers, with a 900% increase in less than six months since SALVé started working with them, engagement on Instagram increased from 3k to 14k followers in less than a year.

The number of comments also went from zero to a high number of interactions and leads.

Connections were also created between Maserati and other entities which allowed win-win situations that were mutually beneficial for each party.

These relationships will continue to generate a growth effect for all the brands and people involved.

Maserati Argentina now has nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram and over 350 content posts just on the Instagram page alone.

The content was created using photography, videography, and computer graphics.

Exceeding Expectations

Maserati exceeded their growth goals by 40%, beautiful media was crafted, and good friends and partners were made.