15–5 #12 Organization!

☑Insufficient or inapplicable knowledge or skills — Being aware that I am not familiar with the design process/necessary knowledge
□ Related prior experience — Using previous experiences to generate ideas for the design task
☑Feelings — Being aware of my own fears and excitement regarding the instructional design process
□ Attitudes — Examining the level of my commitment, open-mindedness, or responsibility
□ Taken-for-granted beliefs and personal values — Realizing the necessity to design my instruction toward people with socio-economic background to attend my design for different socio-economic or ethnic groups
 □ Goals, criteria, and constraints of the project — Having difficulty generating a list of solid instructional goals
□ Client/stakeholders/users — Considering the perspective of the clients, stakeholders, and the end users
□ Implementation context — Considering the economic situation of where the instructional project will be implemented
 ☑Available time — Finding ways to allocate sufficient time to each design task
□Available resources/budget — Using appropriate tools/equipment to develop the instructional module
□Teamwork dynamic — Understanding how well you coordinate this project within the team
□ Others — Please Specify


This week I did lots of work on my instructional materials, and I now have a full set of slides that go through the complete process. I do have a good bit of tidying up to do. Some of the images need number pins add to them, and also some of the screenshots I took got stretched by the walkthrough tool, so I’ll have to retake them. I learned the value of getting all the materials loaded into the system, however, and I’m glad I didn’t do extensive image editing only to find out that the pictures would get stretched.

I also looked into some image editing options. I’ve found that both GIMP and Photoshop, though great tools, are needlessly complex when I simply need to drop a number pin on top of an image. I found that Paint.NET was a great alternative, and very easy to work with.

Looking Ahead

The end is in sight now. I can polish the slides as needed, and start working on a video to accompany them.

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