5/15 #4 — Images and Text

☑ Insufficient or inapplicable knowledge or skills — Being aware that I am not familiar with the design process/necessary knowledge
□ Related prior experience — Using previous experiences to generate ideas for the design task
☑Feelings — Being aware of my own fears and excitement regarding the instructional design process
□ Attitudes — Examining the level of my commitment, open-mindedness, or responsibility
□ Taken-for-granted beliefs and personal values — Realizing the necessity to design my instruction toward people with socio-economic background to attend my design for different socio-economic or ethnic groups
 □ Goals, criteria, and constraints of the project — Having difficulty generating a list of solid instructional goals
 ☑ Client/stakeholders/users — Considering the perspective of the clients, stakeholders, and the end users
□ Implementation context — Considering the economic situation of where the instructional project will be implemented
 ☑Available time — Finding ways to allocate sufficient time to each design task
□Available resources/budget — Using appropriate tools/equipment to develop the instructional module
□ Teamwork dynamic — Understanding how well you coordinate this project within the team
□ Others — Please Specify


This week I had more trouble than expected arranging time to learn more about the Map Dynamics production process, but I was able to chat with a production person and get a solid idea of which tasks this instruction should cover. By building out instruction of the core production tasks, the company will have good place to start when training a new employee. I also discovered that there are a number of preliminary tasks to get a map ready to be added to the software, but both the client and I agreed that working within the software is the best place to start.

I’ve also been thinking about the readings from this week, particularly the principles about using words and images together. The existing documentation the company has created often fails to draw connections between the text and the relevant parts of the screen capture images. when they do highlight certain sections of an image, the slides use unclear and inconsistent methods. Creating well structure images for my slides will be something I focus on.

I find that I’m getting more excited for this project to become a reality, and for something I created to be used. However, time is more of a factor because Map Dynamics finished hiring a new part-time production person, who will begin training soon. Any materials I can provide, even in prototype form, would help them greatly.

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