What are Educational Tech (EdTech) Toys?

How to put that light in her eyes…

Howdy SAMsters! Welcome to our aweSAM blog. In our blog you’ll find the answers to your questions about STEM learning and the Educational Technology (EdTech) industry.

Learn tricks of the trade and ideas to get started in the EdTech world. Get ready, Generation X to learn how to parent Generation Tech. Be prepared to put playtime to the test and learn a whole new way of thinking. In here lies insight and ideas for your kid’s future.

But wait…

For those of you who are wondering, Why did you just slam me with two bad puns? Clever, though annoying, I don’t even know what SAM Labs is. I also don’t know what an EdTech toy is or why it would benefit me or my children?

Let us entertain you.

Firstly, let’s define SAM — so at least you’ll understand our bad jokes.

SAM Labs is a company that makes little electronic blocks. These blocks use Bluetooth to talk to each other.

SAM Labs blocks

They can be told what to do (programmed) through the app, SAM Space, through Bluetooth on your computer/iPhone/iPad. When the blocks are programmed through the app, you can make circuits by connecting one to another!

Creating a circuit on the computer and through the blocks!

Each circuit can transform into a Creation when you add a touch of DIY. Whilst you’re having this much fun, you’re also learning the basics of engineering and maths. Pretty sweet!

SAM is what we call an Educational Tech (EdTech) Toy.

What is STEM and STEAM learning?

So, ‘What is an EdTech Toy?’

Educational tech toys are technological or smart objects that are both fun and educational — like SAM. They teach something through play.

Why should I choose EdTech toys over regular toys?

While it’s great to have a dollhouse, it’s also great to have your child learn when they play! With a smart toy, kids are using their imagination in conjunction with technology.

EdTech toys grow children’s science, technology, engineering, art and math skills through building creations or inventing.

Regular toys — like toy cars — are great, but why not try to make the car!

A remote control car built with SAM Labs blocks

By utilising kids’ understanding of creativity and logic, EdTech toys promote motor skills and cognitive development.

EdTech toys are pretty cool, right?

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Ready to try out a smart toy? Dip your fingers into ‘productive playtime’ with SAM.

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