Gianpiero Petriglieri

Tips to Balance Education, Play & Technology

This is the impossible equation isn’t it. It’s nearly a stab at defining infinity or pinpointing ‘happiness’… but well, we’re going to dabble with it.

According to the New York Times, “Technology is a literacy that is expected in higher education and in our economy”; but how does one merge it into family life without it being overbearing?

We’ve got a few tips:

Firstly, Stay Mobile:
According to Edutopia, retaining mobility, whether it’s in your career, your physical appearance, or your interests, is key. Don’t be afraid of change and dive into helpful, new apps without doubt — even if you have to have a full tutorial with your kids about it.

2. Use Technology to Enhance, Not to Replace
By using apps that aid in learning or play, time spent in front of a screen will feel productive. Apps have mastered how to challenge you, whilst also adding the elements of fun and games. Angry Birds is so 2014. Try out something like SAM Labs.

Knowledge from E-Learning Infographics

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Have Plugged-In Unplugging
Nowadays, it’s almost a safety precaution to sleep with your phone under your pillow. But when can you entirely unplug? The answer to this question is up for grabs, yet we believe that ‘disconnecting’ can still be connected and have the same effect.

Sun Shining from Inhabitat
Humour me: It’s 4:33pm. The kids are home from school, ravaging the house, the TV and the iPad. You’re thinking about dinner but your cell phone rings. It’s too much isn’t it. Too much going on and too many screens.
But it’s not the technology; it’s the screens that make you feel too connected. Am I right? At 4:33pm, use the IoT so it can talk to other devices/appliances in the house — like the lights in the room with the TV and the iPad, and the devices themselves. Ahhh, lights off, TV and iPad switched to educational programs or apps, and it was all done with your cell phone in the other room. Oh, and goodbye bad ringtones. Use a notification flag to ping up in the kitchen. Unplugged, but not disconnected.

4. Take Turns Playing Teacher 
Everyone likes playing school outside of school. When your kids ask for help coding their robot for the Science Fair — don’t panic. Acknowledge that you might not know how to help right away, but you can learn from each other. With coding programs or apps these days, you can even learn together — and don’t be ashamed that your curriculum’s the same. Tech is new and no one’s a master yet, but have fun knowing you’re both in this together :).

Happy Family Courtesy of Visualistan

So, there you have it: a roundup of our best tricks to get the best of three worlds.

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