What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Do you have a smartphone? Do you know why it’s smart?


Well, it’s called a smart phone because it is connected to the internet.

…That’s typically the ‘ah-ha!’ moment for gen-tech...

But now that we know what a smart device is, let’s get deeper.

Drawing courtesy of Wikimedia

Imagine that your smart refrigerator can tell you what you should have for dinner, based on your smart wearable clothes.


So, hear me out. Internet connected devices are hooked up (pretty obviously) to the internet, but what the TERM ‘Internet of Things’ is, is just a fancy term for the internet, only used when describing how devices talk to each other.

This super crazy video from FWThinking helps to explain a bit more.

Okay, back to the nummy stuff.

Your fridge, which could monitor the contents inside, could potentially speak to your wearable clothing, that will monitor your body weight, shape, temperature, and overall mood. Together, the two ‘devices’ can communicate through the IoT to decide what the optimal meal for you to have is.

Image from Engadget and Fridge from SAMSUNG.


While this is an extreme example about communication between IoT connected devices, there are simpler things that use the IoT or allow you to build your own connected creations — like a smart clock that tells you the weather, or a smart TV that can hook up to your computer, or a block that you can build an object out of that’s synced with the IoT… but you get the gist.

Devices connected to the IoT have had a crazy impact on the world of EdTech, as well, when toys not only function as playthings that teach using technology, but can even connect to the internet!

Imagine buying your child a teddybear that they can program to send an “I love you” text to your phone every time they hug it; or a programmable DIY robot that moves and tells you it loves you every time you come home at 6pm.

Your kids can learn, play, program, and say I love you from their own creations. What more could you ask for?

Welcome to the fun, hip world of the IoT :)

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