Sam Mustafa — starting your own business = high risks. Make sure you are making smart decisions.

Sam Mustafa on Habits All Successful Entrepreneurs Share

Starting your own business venture means taking on all kinds of risks.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll be forced to make never-ending decisions that will have a direct impact on the success of your business. The stakes are high and the stress that comes with it is to be expected. What differentiates a good entrepreneur from an amateur is having a winning attitude and developing healthy habits to create work efficiencies. Many of these habits support skills needed to boost and advance a business. Over the years, South Carolina business Owner and serial entrepreneur, Sam Mustafa, has religiously done the following in order to succeed as an entrepreneur:

Sam Mustafa — early risers are more productive, and getting sleep is the first step.

Wake Up Early

Entrepreneurs like Mustafa, could not agree more with the old saying, “early bird catches the worm”. Getting a good night’s sleep and waking up early stimulates you to feel invigorated and ready for the day. Some studies indicate job satisfaction and salaries are higher in people who wake up earlier. These people like to get their blood pumping and keep their minds sharp with the satisfaction of tackling and accomplishing tasks early on in the day. Whether they’re motivated by money or the idea of having time off after their schedules are complete, bottom line is: early risers are more productive. This attitude translates well into the business world where you are constantly working to reach your target or achieve a goal.


As an entrepreneur, getting into the habit of writing (putting pen to paper), can have a number of benefits. When you write things out to get your thoughts in order, you’re engaging your brain, putting your problem-solving skills into practice, and venting out frustrations. Writing can be a great stress reliever and a big help to get you to process things better. Some entrepreneurs journal their goals, and others journal to remind themselves of what they’re grateful for. Mustafa suggests doing both and seeing the outcome. You’ll have a better understanding of the “bigger picture” and be reminded of what you strive to do.

Sam Mustafa — quality alone time is essential in order to refuel.

Spend Some “Me Time”

An effective entrepreneur has a realistic understanding of how much they can dedicate to their work alone. They know that in order to thrive in a business, it is important to take time for themselves. Instead of investing all of their time working to the point of exhaustion, they carve out time to connect with themselves to refuel their energy, be present with others, and understand the value of self-care. Taking the time to enjoy a break allows your mind time to wander, think creatively and come back to work feeling renewed.

Be Inquisitive

Making it a habit to be curious reminds entrepreneurs of why they have an interest in their line of work in the first place. This is important because pursuing something that is sure to come with many obstacles can be discouraging. Many businesses fail after relentless attempts because the entrepreneur loses interest and gives up. However, if you remain open and curious, you will be able to generate new ideas, different and more effective approaches that will contribute to your success. It also helps you gain motivation to keep doing what you love. It’s easy to get bored or give in when you put a lot of time and effort into one thing. Being inquisitive steers you into different directions you never thought possible within your business.

Take these four tips and implement them into your daily routine. having a mental checklist, Sam Mustafa ensures that you will feel different, mentally and physically, which will ultimately make you a better entrepreneur.