Take your time

Saheb Motiani
Aug 8, 2016 · 2 min read

I know you are scared. I know you think time is running out and you still don’t have your life figured out. I know a lot has changed around you, which scares you even more. I know you are afraid to commit to something and regret later. I know your friends have started to love their jobs but you haven’t. You still want something better, you are not ready to settle for anything less. Its just the time which is freaking you out, you don’t want to give in yet, but you are afraid you will have to in some time.

You are starting to loose the confidence, I know. You are starting to doubt your dreams, I know. You thought you were different than most, but now you feel you aren’t, I know. Your parents don’t expect more from you, but you want more from your life, I know. You are not ready to surrender when their is still some air left in your lungs, I know. You believed your path was right, but it is just taking more time, I know. You are not able to give your hundred percent with the fear of failure in my mind, I know.

I just want you to take your time, a little more to achieve what you wanted in the first place. Time might run out, lot of people might leave you alone, you might be disqualified and the race might not be won, but you will know you had what it takes to reach there. You will understand then, that it wasn’t about winning, it was just about doing what you could without competing with any one. Others will believe you lost, they will advise you to not lose your heart, you will smile because you know, it doesn’t matter, what they think.

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