The Lost Battle

Saheb Motiani
Aug 1, 2016 · 1 min read

He was a warrior with no shields or armour,

His fight was not of blood or honour,

He had no enemy, but still he fought every single day

His friends couldn’t be of any help, nor could be his family

For what he was seeking, was not out of reach, nor was it waiting next door

Time was not on his side, nor were his thoughts

For what was worth his while, he was afraid to decide, to give in or to let go

Time ran out, and his life went by, but he couldn’t choose a path

Later in his wheel chair looking at the sky,

He said to himself, with eyes filled with tears,

I didn’t win the battle of my life, nor did I loose the battle of my life

I am still fighting the lost battle with myself,

I am the enemy I could never defeat

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