Samādhi is state of meditative consciousness.
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The world pandemic mostly cut the business’s budget for social campaigns beside the projects that were aimed to fight Covid19. However, solving society’s problems matters most for companies today. According to the latest report Edelman Trust Barometer 2020, 80% of people choose the brand that is visionary and solves social issues. Read about effective Ukrainian social campaigns and brands that educate, influence and advocate for social changes.

The all-Ukrainian network of filling stations OKKO has launched the national social campaign “I beg you, be visible!”. The company urges road users to wear reflectors to be seen for the drivers in the darkness. …

Reignite Ways of Being that Rejuvenate & Regenerate Earth & All Life

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Photo Credit: Alex Zeng on Unsplash

There is an interdimensional quality to the Sundance. A cosmic pulse to this ancient ceremonial rite of rebirth and renewal. Purification and prayer carried by action and sacrifice.

The chosen Tree with the requisite fork stands radiant in the center of the arbor, bedecked in prayer ties in a rainbow of colors representing the four directions, the earth, the sky, and the heart.

By day, the drum rarely stops beating. The dancers rarely stop moving. It’s a lively step-up for the men, a swaying side-to-side for the women. The dancers in their regalia range from spry young ones to seasoned elders. …

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In order to fully grasp the very nature of meditation, it is important to know some basic human anatomy. If you have read guides online on how to meditate better, chances are you have stumbled upon guided meditations via mobile applications such as Headspace or Calm. These apps can be great starter kits to familiarise the Self with meditation, but there is a much better way to meditate longer without any guidance and this post will share with you how.

It is important to be aware that the mind is not just a function of thought, but also a muscle that requires physical exercise. It is only with consistent practice of meditation, starting at 10 minutes a day, that you can reap the benefits of feeling calm and at peace. Meditation with or without guidance only works if done on a regular basis and can lead you to a deeper part of yourself. On the outset, regularly exercising the mind through meditation strengthens its muscles to endure focus and clarity. …

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Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

I have always been called Norell. I never had a real nickname. I thought I had never questioned my birth name until I realized that I have questioned my birth name with every fiber of my existence so deeply that it registered as not having happened.

I have been unusually guided along my decade+ long spiritual journey by my birth name and the agreements it indicates. I enjoy the unique story of how that name came about for me. I enjoy the sheer uniqueness of it. …

Ungrieved Grief Turns to Greed

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At the Monastic Academy (MAPLE), we have a designated “Crying Room.” It’s our most sound-proof room, although the woods are our “Screaming Room.” We recommend you head out at least a quarter-mile so you can really unleash some demons.

One of our cornerstone practices is the Bio-emotive Framework. It can be done alone or in pairs. Your partner begins by establishing a supportive space. They might ask you:

“So what’s alive for you right now?”

They might continue with a series of prompts that poke your primordial core until you arrive at a heaving, cathartic emotional process.

When was the last time you wept when you wanted to? Without shame? Without a voice in your head telling you that if you were better or stronger you wouldn’t feel what you felt over something so small? Without trying to convince yourself that it didn’t really happen? …

Embellished Escapism or Something More?

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Photo Credit: Monastic Academy for the Preservation of Life On Earth (MAPLE)

I’m a monk. I live full-time at a modern monastery.

One of the biggest and most difficult questions we get asked is:

“How is meditating all day going to end human suffering? Isn’t that just escaping into the clouds?”

This is my best attempt at answering it:

Left unchecked, 95 percent of my thoughts reflect lifelong defensive patterns, personal, generational cultural, and national trauma, systemic prejudice, envy, greed, ego, and bitterness. When I wake up in the morning and thoughts start to form, I feel their tide beating on the sands of my brain like contaminated river water. I still have a lot of hatred in my heart. It cannot be fought with willpower. Willpower is only good for keeping them hidden.

We repress these things to appear like the person we wish we were, but repression cannot replace truly being free of them. It takes every ounce of effort to purify greed, hatred, and envy. The kindest and most compassionate of people are able to be so because they are simultaneously aware of their darkness.

It takes hundreds of hours of meditation to get there. Tens of thousands of hours of “knock, knock, knocking on heavens door,” as the song goes, just to enter and sustain the altered state where the human mind moves into the passenger seat and a higher collective consciousness takes the wheel.

Twenty minutes of daily meditation as prescribed by the mainstream cultural mindfulness archetype doesn’t even come close. A few hours of relaxation and mental clarity are great, but not enough to alter the foundation for all our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.

In this deep meditative state where we are vehemently NOT thinking any of our own thoughts, perspectives beyond our own become available to us. They flow like coins out of a slot machine. It’s as if we are seeing through the eyes of both our friends and our enemies. Through the eyes of the forgotten ones.

Eventually, we are able to act from perspectives that seem to oppose each other. We are able to experience how they even support each other. We are no longer afraid of perspectives we cannot understand because we have actually experienced them. We understand our opponents so completely that we love them as we love ourselves. That love replaces our suffering and our willingness to inflict suffering on others in self-preservation.

Our mundane thoughts and actions begin to come from true compassion and not what our broken minds think compassion looks like. The jaded, defensive, survivalist mentality falls away as we finally grieve the grief that’s been waiting to be grieved for generations.

We feel our feelings because in silence and stillness, we cannot escape from them. When feelings have been felt completely, they no longer taint our thoughts. We can walk the world un-triggered by past pain. We can suddenly choose and act with emotional clarity and razor-sharp focus. We can achieve a mental state guided by true compassion and equanimity. …

The Real Danger is Not the Virus

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Photo by Dave Ruck on Unsplash

Goats are sauntering down the deserted streets of Wales!

Birds have been singing for eons,
Yet in the era of COVID-19,
it’s our first time hearing them through open windows.

A bird singing outside a window
Is now a tangible experience.
Not some abstract concept
Relegated to poetry.

Anne Frank poured the agony
Of hiding from the Nazis during the Holocaust into her diary.
As animals emerge from hiding as humans stay home,
I imagine that they share Anne’s sentiments:
Of never having lived a day until now
Where they didn’t have to hide from humans.

Fauna and flora finally
Have room to breathe
As affected humans
Struggle for their next breath.
The ozone layer heals its…

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Painting a picture requires imagination

And so I was there sitting on a chair, I was readying myself for what I planned for the entire week. All the hours spent looking up for a good design. All the images I checked for inspiration. All the artists I searched over the internet. I finally decided I’m getting inked for the nth time.

The world always has a preconceived opinion that getting inked is taboo. Well, that is not the point of this food for thought. Growing up, I always wondered why people with tattoos repeatedly say that getting inked is one of the most pleasurable experiences in the world. How is that so? Why is something so absurdly painful turn out to be equally pleasurable? I kept these thoughts to myself during this moment as I interact myself again with the sacred ink. …

Karmic Retribution Has Never Been More Needed

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Photo by Michael Chacon on Unsplash

On Wednesday the 18th, I woke feeling like death. I have since tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Monastic Academy, where I have been living and working as a resident since November, is different as we have scrambled to respond accordingly. Almost all of us are symptomatic.

I am not particularly afraid of COVID-19.

I have already lived through moments where I was screaming in the ER that I didn’t want to die. I have already seen my whole life flash before my eyes as my car spun out of control when I was going 75 mph on the freeway.

I have had moments of total hysterical panic where I thought I was looking death in the face. …

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