Samādhi is state of meditative consciousness.


But, perhaps not in the way you’d ever imagine.

Aya-Whatta? Was probably what you’d have said a few years ago when reading this, but this previously mysterious Amazonian plant medicine known as Ayahuasca has, in the past few years, hit the mainstream hard. Until pretty recently, this off-beat beverage seemed appealing only to a few brave anthropologists, psychedelic explorers…

Part 1: The Mushroom

It started on a hike where a friend introduced me to the Mushroom that we ate with our pizza pockets — to hide the taste for easy swallowing.

Prior to eating it, the extent of my exposure to mind (and vision) altering substances was only with…

Observing the layers that compose the answer to the ever-present self-inquiry as a 40 years old man, lover, husband, father, friend, and professional.

  1. Friendship is important, rewarding and therapeutical.
    Witnessing each-other’s growth, lows and highs makes me land in my body. I’m determined to dedicate more time to cultivating my friendships.
  2. Parents never leave even if after they have transitioned, they are ever present in those moments when I expect a call from…

Reignite Ways of Being that Rejuvenate & Regenerate Earth & All Life

Photo Credit: Alex Zeng on Unsplash

There is an interdimensional quality to the Sundance. A cosmic pulse to this ancient ceremonial rite of rebirth and renewal. Purification and prayer carried by action and sacrifice.

The chosen Tree with the requisite fork stands radiant in the center of the arbor, bedecked in prayer ties in a rainbow…

Embellished Escapism or Something More?

Photo Credit: Monastic Academy for the Preservation of Life On Earth (MAPLE)

I’m a monk. I live full-time at a modern monastery.

One of the biggest and most difficult questions we get asked is:

“How is meditating all day going to end human suffering? Isn’t that just escaping into the clouds?”

This is my best attempt at answering it:

Left unchecked, 95 percent…

Samādhi is state of meditative consciousness.

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