Chiric Sanango diet in isolation

The flowers of a Chiric Sanago plant

Chiric Sanango is a beautiful Amazonian plant and is used because of here healing potential since ancient time. People use the plant to strengthen elderly people and their bones as well as to treat fever, diarrhea, wounds, inflammations and some other symptoms. The medicine is made as a decoction of the leaves or bark, or as an infusion of the roots whereby the roots are mostly the most potent part. Chiric Sanango contains an alkaloid named scopoletin, but the effects of scopoletin are very different from those of the scopolamine in Toé (Brugmansia). The effect of ingesting Chiric Sanango can be as followed — a tingling and vibrating sensation in the extremities, moving inward toward the head with ever-increasing intensity; periodic waves of cold, tremors, electric vibrations penetrating the chest and back, stomach cramps, nausea, dizziness, vertigo and loss of coordination.

Personal experience

The hut during the Chiric Sanango diet

After I have done my first plant diet which was tobacco, I wanted to go further with another teacher. During an Ayahuasca reading, we found out that it would be very beneficial to ground my system as well as to strengthen my heart, stomach and mind connection. For the shaman, it was pretty clear that I need to work together with Chiric Sanango because of its characteristics. So I went in isolation for another 7 days of juice fasting and dieting Chiric Sanango. Straight after the first cup of medicine, I fell in love with this plant. It was a very warming and loving feeling which overcame me and as it was the case with tobacco before, I was in a higher state of pure being. A wonderful meditational state of being where you feel the love for the plant, the earth as your home and love for yourself. It’s truly a heart opening plant and connects your three brains (stomach, heart, brain). I was sitting for a long time in my hammock looking outside right into the jungle. Slowly but surely I got lost and this was the moment where everything and nothing came into my space. This sequence stayed for a good amount of time. In the evening, when I felt that the effects had faded away I enjoyed the atmosphere and my inner silence.

During the night, Chiric Sanango started to work again and influenced my dreams. The quality of my dreams was so clear and the teachings I received very precise for my current situation. The next morning, I took another cup which came as quickly as the first cup but the level of intensity increased from cup to cup. Anyhow, I never felt uncomfortable during the whole diet. After a while just sitting with myself I got the intention to go out of my hut and walk around in the jungle. I needed to feel the very ground of the earth. And I tell you… The feeling of walking barefoot on the jungle ground together with Chiric Sanango is phenomenal! I went to the place where Chiric Sanango is growing and sat down close to the plants. The tingling got more intense and the presence of these energies overwhelmed me.

Some more days in the diet, I had my first real problem with the fact that I was fasting. I was craving for food… A night before, I dreamed of beautiful looking dishes and I almost smelled the taste as it was real. It was very interesting to see and feel how I experienced my personal connection with food on a deeper level. I started to think differently about my eating habits and the way I treat food as well as how I prepare it. I must say that this was really magical and changed my whole understanding of the ritual of eating and preparing food.

The day I could finally cut my diet I felt a little bit low on energy. Chiric Sanango took me a lot of energy and seemed to sink deep into my system. But I was really looking forward to my first breakfast after 7 days of fasting. Even I was very hungry, I sat in front of my plate and started to just sit with it and I realized how thankful I am to be able to have some delicious food. An incredible experience of joy and bliss.

After two more days, when I cut my diet, Chiric Sanango brought my energy level back. But even more… For four days I felt an energy which I’ve never felt before and with this energy, there came a wonderful state of happiness. Life as vivid and unpredictable as it is started to emerge as a life full of magic and I felt and saw life as the masterpiece of creation which it really is.