Giving back: artist who learned unique technique in Ayahuasca ceremony goes back to the jungle to teach kids how to create art so they can sustain themselves

Visions brought to life using the ancient woodworking technique revealed to Chris in Ayahuasca ceremony

A sincere and wholehearted message from Chris Isner:

Hola amigos,
Soon I’m off to the Peruvian Amazon to open a workshop at Maestro Wiler Noriega Rodrigues’ house and teach Shipibo kids the Stone Age woodworking technique revealed to me in ayahuasca visions. Over the years, I will help them build international careers. After Peru I will travel to Haiti with my babalawo to do the same with young people from a Vodou temple community.
The lad pictured is Reynihue from Peru, already a shaman’s apprentice and soon to be one of my students. Not only will he be a great curandero like his mother some day but also a great artist!
Hand tools for everyone will be purchased to learn with and eventually I will move my students into the use of power tools.
Footage of these trips will be edited into documentaries by an editor for Emmy-winners like The Deadliest Catch, original soundtracks including Tajai Massey of Hiero Imperium, Adimu Madyun a.k.a. WolfHawkJaguar, and Meastro Wiler Noriega Rodrigues, Shipibo curandero:
To this end, 100% of my next five commissioned works will go towards offsetting project costs and patrons will receive special thanks in the documentary credits.
Here’s more info about my work:…/emerging-artist-incorporates-ancient-w…
Thanks so much!
Edit: Thanks to Jose Saenz of I will also be opening workshops at their two locations, one on the Ucayali River and the other in the Sacred Valley! That’s three diiferent schools and three different cultures!! It will be amazing to see the difference in work produced.
Chris Isner

If you would like to help, consider working with Chris on a bespoke piece just for you.

Your bespoke piece.

I go into a trance like ritual as the process begins. As if summoned with your presence being there, you could tell me about yourself, what makes you tick, what your passions are, astrological signs, spiritual beliefs, concepts, images. It’s really up to you. All of that information will then inform the work. I also don’t mind adding progress pictures if you like, open to your input. Or it can all be a wondrous surprise. Whatever the synergy of our minds working together manifests, I can promise that nothing else like it exists in this world.

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# Emerging artist incorporates ancient wood carving technique that was shown to him in Amazonian Plant Teacher ritual bringing visions from a magical realm into material reality

# Ayahuasca visions showed artist an ancient woodworking technique that he is now using to produce unique wood sculptures

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