Scaling a marketplace: Samaipata & Idinvest Paris event

Together with Idinvest, we hosted an event last week in Paris on how to successfully scale a marketplace.

Although we were born and are headquartered in Madrid, we are a multi-local European fund, with offices in Paris and London. And Paris is one of our fastest growing geographies, and a key focus for the fund moving forward.

Beyond location, as a founders’ fund specialised in marketplaces & platform models, the topic of the event was obvious! We strive to help entrepreneurs scale their marketplaces from 0 to 1, only investing in what we know best.

Thus, Matthieu, Idinvest’s managing partner, and José, Samaipata’s founding partner, reflected on 13 key success factors proper to marketplace models. Obviously, the list they went through is not exhaustive but we chose not to bore the audience to death.

They were joined by 3 great entrepreneurs: Vincent, CEO & Co-founder of Malt, Thomas, CEO & Co-founder of Meero and Alex, General Manager France for Glovo — who provided real-life illustrations of the theoretical concepts developed by the two VCs.

A lot of people asked for the slides, so we decided with Jonathan Userovici to make them available below! Hope you enjoy it and that they can prove useful for entrepreneurs building a marketplace.

And if you’re an early stage marketplace founder, do not hesitate to contact us ! We focus on pre-seed & seed rounds.


We are an early-stage founders’ fund investing in…

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