Hiring a Partnership Lead in Seattle


Location: Seattle, WA (downtown)


We’re looking for a Partnership Lead with experience building relationships personally and digitally. If you have strong people skills and writing ability, read on; we want to galvanize Seattle’s response to homelessness with your help.

About GiveSafe:

GiveSafe is a platform designed to reveal the journeys of those we pass everyday — the single mom on the bus, the grandfather on the street, the homeless teen outside the supermarket — and provide an effective, cashless way to respond.

Electronic “beacons” are distributed to individuals through nonprofit partners, such that if you have the GiveSafe app, you’ll receive a simple notification as you pass by a beacon holder, with the opportunity to read a slice of the person’s life or contribute a needed good or service (such as food, fuel or clothing). Learn more at withgivesafe.org.


- Create partnerships with companies downtown on creating fun, effective programs for employees to aid those on the streets around them.

- Enable social justice teams and small groups at local churches to become ambassadors for the app or volunteers

- Help nonprofit and merchant partners acclimate to the beacon system and effectively serve beacon holders

- Partner with beacon holders on street-level marketing campaigns, documenting activity over social media

- Inform founder, designers and engineers about early product feedback from partners


- 1–3 years of experience growing a student organization, startup or nonprofit

- Exceptional emotional intelligence, plus strong verbal and writing skills

- Demonstrated experience developing partnerships and/or fostering communities

- Ability to travel in and out of downtown, and to work collaboratively or independently

- Strong process orientation and decision-making skills

- A startup/co-founder mentality: our project’s livelihood depends on growth and demonstrated impact; let’s get it done.

What We Offer:

GiveSafe offers competitive monthly stipends, and of course, co-ownership in the company and vision we are building together. If you’re interested in building relationships and technology to help fathers, daughters, and brothers find their way back home, GiveSafe could be the place for you.


Jonathan Kumar, Project Lead
220 2nd Ave S, Impact HUB
312–363–8734 / j@withgivesafe.org