‘I believe in this city’: With clean shirts and a pair of shoes, Michael and his son both found jobs

Becca Savransky
Samaritan Journal
Published in
2 min readJan 5, 2019


Michael A. described himself as a simple man. He said he doesn’t need much, just a job so he can afford his bills and a warm, dry place to sleep.

And now, thanks to samaritans in Seattle, he and his son have both found full-time jobs and are saving money to soon get a place of their own.

Michael and his son moved from Maine to Seattle a few months ago with hopes of finding better-paying jobs. But when they arrived, their plans fell through. They ended up on the streets. They had the skills they needed and were searching for work, but didn’t have the basics — clothing, shoes and transportation — to secure employment.

And being on the streets made it even harder. They needed to use the limited money they had for survival.

But then, samaritans in Seattle invested in Michael and his son, showing the two they believed in them and giving them the resources and support they needed to find jobs. Through his beacon, Michael and his son were able to buy the clothing and bus passes they needed to find well-paying jobs at Whole Foods.

Now, they’re hoping to save enough money to afford an apartment. The two moved into tiny homes after living for some time in a tent city. In a few months time, they hope to be able to save up enough money to move into an apartment of their own.

“That’s all we’re shooting for now,” Michael said. “We’re simple. We don’t need a whole lot.”

Michael said he hopes to one day pay it forward. People were so generous to him, he said, and he hopes in the future to do the same for others who are struggling.

“Hopefully we’re up and running enough that we can return it back to everybody for what they did, we can help other people,” Michael said.

“I believe in this city.”

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