Laura asked for people to believe in her. A few samaritans showed her they did.

Becca Savransky
Jan 12, 2019 · 2 min read

Laura had just found permanent housing and secured a job. After living on the streets and running away from domestic violence, it finally seemed like she was getting her life back on track.

But $192 in outstanding tickets made it so she couldn’t drive to her job. She risked losing her employment and then, possibly, losing her home.

Laura asked for people to believe in her. A couple folks through the Samaritan app in Seattle showed her they did.

These everyday samaritans learned Laura’s story and invested the $192 she needed to pay off her traffic tickets so she could renew her tabs and get her registration up to the date. Because of the generosity of Becky, Terri, Hannah, Mary, Akshay, Judy, Sonia and others, Laura has kept her job and will be able to keep herself from returning to the street.

Now, she can focus on her bigger goals: publishing a book of poetry.

Laura said she writes about topics she’s familiar with, including homelessness and depression. She wrote a lot as a kid, she said, but as an adult, you “get the creativity beaten out.”

Laura first became homeless after she escaped domestic violence. She had to leave the state and didn’t have any support system. She had to start over from scratch. She then became a victim of sex trafficking and struggled to find stable employment.

With stable housing and employment, Laura is now able to work toward her dream of becoming a self-sustaining writer.

To get there, she has one simple ask: “I think I just need people to believe in me,” she said. “People who see me and who believe in my vision for myself and who support that.”

To learn more and start investing in a beacon holder, equip the free Samaritan app. Send me your feedback at

Samaritan Journal

Tales From the Seattle Street

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