How To Make Your Company A Content Giant And Win Big

Content Marketing is king. Many brands and companies already realize that. All kinds of companies, right from large companies like IBM, Coca Cola, Disney to small and medium-sized companies are reaping huge benefits from putting out content consistently. Consistently putting out content is the key to establishing your brand’s authority and credibility. It helps build brand awareness. In order to have a voice in the market your company caters to, you must put out content which is great in terms of both quality and quantity.

So, how do you do that?


Having your company’s online presence on all social media platforms out there may not be the best advice. The most important question you need to consider is: Where is your audience?Facebook, Twitter and Instagram might certainly be the biggest platforms today, but if your audience isn’t on one of these platforms, your content goes unheard and remains poorly targeted, if your company is on it.

If your company connects employers with people looking for jobs, being on LinkedIn could do your company more good than being on Instagram.
If your company connects employers with people looking for jobs in China, being on WeChat could do your company more good than being on LinkedIn.
You see what I’m saying? The bottom line is you need to be in the right place, regardless of the platform’s size.


First, you’ve got to respect the platform. Respect the mindset of the people on the platform. A 24-year-old man has a different psychology when he’s using Instagram than when he’s using Quora. You need to storytell to him keeping in mind his psychology on the different platforms. Strategize around the psychology and the platform itself.

Secondly, respect your audience. Put out content your audience will like rather than content you like. Storytell what you want to say in a way that your audience will appreciate. You want to sell your vacuum cleaner. But, if you put it in a way so as to grab your audience’s attention, you can make huge strides with him as a customer. “Five vacuum cleaners under $10 for all bachelor cleaning needs.” will sell it for you with a much better chance.


If your company is still emerging, it’s understandable that you can’t pump in millions of dollars to have a series of your video advertisements on HBO, or have award winning journalists to write about your brand. But, there’s ton of other places where you can tap on your brand’s presence. Stars are being born every other day on Instagram and Facebook.

Besides that, take advantage of creating your voice on emerging platforms. Platforms like Quora and Medium are still emerging and offer opportunities for new businesses to earn disproportionate amounts of following when we compare with that on Facebook. Identify more platforms that are yet emerging and create a large following on them. It has the potential to reap you disproportionate benefits in the long run. Be an early mover, and surprise yourself with what it can do for you!


The ultimate evaluation of your content is based on the results it brings to you. You need to determine how well the content you are putting out working for you.You can check at the surface and look for raw engagement numbers — the views, likes, comments, shares you’re getting. You also need to look at the bigger picture though. How many people are actually buying your product? How well did your free content boost sales for you? Do you observe any trends? What do you learn from the spike in sales on the one day you put out some seriously good content?

Eventually, you should judge your content by the results it produces for you. If you’re not getting what you want, it’s not effective content and your content marketing needs to be reviewed.

Originally published at on August 16, 2017.