1 Month

(April 20th, 2017)

The last 30 days have been a blur. It’s been both hard and easy. Easy because we have visitors everyday who bring us food and hangout with us. Seeing friends feels like an act of normalcy from pre-baby life. Thank you to everyone who has been coming. You are the highlight of my day, seriously.

It’s been hard because entering into motherhood is like marrying someone who’ve never met and taking a job you’ve never done before and remembering in tough moments that you signed up for both these things for the rest of your life. There are major physical pains to recover from and frequent mood swings where all I can do is cry and take time to figure out why.

One hope I had in becoming a mother was to feel more connected to my emotions and experience new ones. This has certainly been the case so far and for that, I feel more deeply human.

Happy one month birthday my dear Tallulah. I love you.