Pregnancy Math

(March 10, 2017)

Thank you everyone for sharing your data related to your pregnancy and first year of child rearing.

Based on a sample size of 29, we found that: The first three months after birth are 1.87 times as difficult as being pregnant. Months 3–12 are 1.73 times as difficult as being pregnant.

We made the survey to resolve an argument, which we turned into a math word problem:

“If Sami puts in 9 months of work during pregnancy and plans to do 70% of the work for the first three months after the baby is born, how many months of work must Benjamin do to equal Sami’s work?”

The answer we came up with using what little algebra we remember is: Benjamin must work for 7.5 months doing 100% of the work. Given that he can’t actually do 100% of the work, we’ve agreed that he’ll do 70% of the work but for 10.7 months.

My main lesson- when a partner doesn’t understand how much work it is to be pregnant and care for a newborn, collect some data!