Raspberry Pi useful links and notes



  • When creating the image using Win32 Disk Image, initially Win32 Disk Image kept crashing. The .img file was on my D:\ drive. Moving it to somewhere on C:\ (e.g. C:\temp) resolved the problem.
  • If the Pi keeps rebooting it is probably due to low power voltage.
  • I had black lines across my screen initially. Turns out this was due to a faulty HDMI cable.
  • You can run Flash if you install Gnash. However it is not up to date enough to run Scratch in the Browser. The Scratch app that comes with Raspbian is cool but appears to lack some of the features — which is a shame as I was hoping my 6 year old who has been learning Scratch would be able to continue on the Raspberry Pi. But to be honest I have not looked very deeply at this yet.




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Sam Kenny

Sam Kenny

engineer @ untapt

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