vCheck — VMWare Daily Report

vCheck is a series of scripts (or plug-ins) written by Alan Renouf that can be used to report on the status of your VMWare environment. It can be run from VMWare’s Powershell.

Note that these scripts are not an audit or a full report but list potential issues or warnings. Further, many/some of these might not be relevant in your particular environment.

See the following links for more information:

I found the plugins particularly useful to report on all snapshots across the VM environments Ambre manages. There are over 70 plugins including, for example:

  • Hosts not responding or Disconnected
  • Created or cloned VMs
  • Removed VMs
  • VMs with over CPU Count
  • VMs Swapping or Ballooning
  • Invalid or inaccessible VMs
  • No VM Tools
  • Hosts with reboot required
  • Powered Off VMs
  • Snapshot created




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Sam Kenny

Sam Kenny

engineer @ untapt

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