Dynamic Masters

Concept of 3D Visioner working with MS Visio to extend 2D drawing to 3D scene is achieved via shape-to-model association mechanism. Shape masters in MS Visio terms are associated to 3D models and place in the right positions in 3D. In this new version, 3D Visioner 2017 extends this concept by supporting also complex Master Shapes with deeper associations of “shape inside shape” type. In simple terms, Master Shape can contain other shapes as its parts, and these Shapes can be Shape Masters that have own 3D models associated in Visioner. Typical example is a “Table with chairs” master shape combination, where “table” shape master is combined with “chair” shape masters. Depending on a shape property, number of chairs can be adjusted. “Table with chairs” master shape has some simple scripting, controlling visibility and position of Chair sub-shapes.

Also the simple case of merging multiple shapes into a single compound structure for creating and storing it as a Master for future use is now also possible. Creating this kind of “Super Master” shapes is quite easy. Here is the step-by-step guide, available as a Visio drawing at https://owncloud.samposoftware.com/index.php/s/ufTHY5T4gxbL7LM
Such “Super Master” shapes will be correctly reacting to rotation angle, elevation and individual fill color.