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Chris Slaughter
Jul 7, 2018 · 4 min read

The Problem With Current Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrencies are the future of investing. One day soon, any consumer will be able to trade currencies, commodities, and securities 24 hours a day, seven days a week on cryptocurrency exchanges with low fees. This is an unprecedented opportunity to level the playing field between Wall Street and retail investors. However, we in the crypto community still need to address the biggest challenge inherent to bringing cryptocurrencies to mainstream markets and consumers:

Crypto exchange trading is hard as heck. Investors have to buy crypto assets on an on-ramp like Coinbase, learn about crypto wallets, and transfer their funds to an exchange. Next, the user has to research, price, place, and monitor trades every day to maintain diversification and beat the markets. Finally, they have to deal with the fact that crypto markets are ever-changing and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and why the popular Robinhood Crypto exchange launched with the phrase “Don’t Sleep.” All of this is way too difficult for most traders to keep up with — and as a result, most people just passively “HODL” their Bitcoin.

Introducing Samsa

Samsa is an automated crypto investing platform. Users securely link their own exchange accounts to Samsa, and Samsa automates trades according to user defined strategies. If a user doesn’t want to design their own strategy, they can subscribe to a Samsa index or follow another trader on their exchange. Samsa never sleeps and periodically rebalances the user’s account to maintain their target position, while relying on asset analysis, dynamic market pricing, and limit orders to minimize fees and slippage. Most importantly, Samsa’s sophisticated automation makes the experience of crypto investing significantly easier, not harder.

Samsa is Simple & Transparent

Modeling an investment in Samsa SEPR — right from the Samsa homepage.

Samsa follows an open-faced design philosophy. To translate, anyone, regardless of whether they are a Samsa user, can view Samsa strategies’ historical performance. And by inputting their View-only API key, users can compare their own performance to Samsa strategies and other traders. So unlike the people on Twitter saying what we should buy and when to buy it, Samsa publicly shows the track record of every strategy for free, before users subscribe to the service. Completely honest — no bullshit.

We strive to make Samsa easier to use than anything else available. Users can invest in a coin or strategy with one click, change asset allocations by dragging a slider, and track performance on real-time chart of their own portfolio. And automation means these settings are traded against without the need to price, place, or monitor orders.

Samsa is Non-Custodial

Samsa is non-custodial. We don’t hold any crypto assets or cash on users’ behalf, and the role of “custodian” remains with the crypto exchange. In fact, because Samsa works with multiple exchanges, it’s easier for our users to diversify across multiple exchanges and reduce exposure to an exchange hack.

Users can get get started with Samsa by uploading an exchange API key to the My Account page. By uploading a “View” key, users can use all of Samsa’s analytics features for free. By uploading a “Trade” key, users can trade with Samsa. We encourage users to upload only the permissions they want to use with Samsa, and Samsa never asks for withdrawal permissions.

We protect user API keys with public key cryptography. To learn more about the Security and Scalability of Samsa, check out our blog post.

The Samsa Team

Samsa is a super dedicated team focused on helping everyone invest in crypto.

  • Chris Slaughter — math and automation
  • Ari Stiegler — marketplaces and product
  • Brian Quinlivan — fundamental and quantitative analysis
  • Courtnie Simmons — compliance and operations
  • Corey Fleener — content marketing
  • Brandon Eng — front end engineering

Use Samsa Now

Samsa is available today in open beta. Sign up for Samsa, join our Discord community, and start helping us build the future of investing today.

Read more about cryptocurrency and find out how to successfully trade at:

This article and related content is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered investment advice, and you should consult a financial advisor and do your own research and due diligence prior to making any investments. Where securities or commodities are referenced, it is only for illustrative purposes only, and does not imply any position on securities or commodities classification. To the extent that Samsa services are offered or discussed, those services are available only for Samsa whitelisted assets only.

Samsa - Invest in the Token Economy

Cryptocurrency Investing Strategies

Chris Slaughter

Written by

Founder of Samsa. Invest in the Token Economy.

Samsa - Invest in the Token Economy

Cryptocurrency Investing Strategies

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