Samsara Protocol: Taking Lotteries Beyond Trust

Samsara Protocol is an autonomous, decentralized application run on the Ethereum blockchain which allows anyone, anywhere to run their own provably fair and fully transparent lottery.

Most of us have participated in a lottery or random draw at some point. Buying a ticket or two for a chance to win a life-changing prize, joining a mailing list for a chance to win exclusive merchandise, or simply dropping a business card off after lunch at a local restaurant for a chance to win a free dinner for two.

Apart from a little bit of time or money investment, the only real requirement in the above scenarios is trust. Trust in the people running the draw to play fair, be honest and not rig the game. Even in these familiar scenarios however, that small level of trust is no longer a given in a world where our trust in others seems to diminish daily.

For any new or punctual lottery venture — be it a homeowner looking to sell their house by lottery draw in a stagnant market, a small charity looking to raise funds for their next project with a raffle or a business planning to launch a new product through a promotional random-draw contest — gaining the trust of potential participants is exceedingly hard without heavy financial investment, and even then… Yet, gaining the trust of strangers (online no less) is the key to success for any such venture.

Trustless and Transparent

This is why Samsara Protocol exists. It removes the need for trust on the part of participants by providing a fully transparent, traceable and immutable record of all activities, from ticket purchases to the final draw, through smart contracts recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

This means that people don’t need to trust the homeowner, charity or business to take part, they simply need to be interested in the prize on offer. Samsara Protocol takes care of the rest, providing a complete framework through which anyone can run their own blockchain-powered lottery. One which can truthfully and provably be advertised as being:

  • Provably Fair,
  • Fully Transparent,
  • Secure and Traceable,
  • Truly Random.

Samsara Protocol in Action

The Protocol’s first proof-of-concept Samsara Luxury Lotto — the world’s first blockchain-powered luxury lottery which offers the chance to win unique, life-enhancing prizes — is already in BETA and can be found at

A second proof-of-concept for Samsara Protocol will be SRA: the world’s first and only endless lottery ticket. The SRA Token Lotto is currently in development, and slated for launch alongside Samsara Protocol and Samsara Luxury Lotto in the coming months.

Learn More

More information on the Protocol and its proofs-of-concept can be found in Samsara Protocol’s White Paper and on the Samsara website. To chat to a member of the team, join us on Telegram or Twitter.